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  1. Jonny was a carpenter back in England and lived a simple life house wife and small child all in toe until one day they had a unforgettable accident Jonny was driving along the motorway when a nearby wagon lost control it spun out and Jonny had no alternative but to veer out of the way he crashed into a barrier, the car was in pieces, Jonny woke up days later only to be told that his family was gone and he felt pain and anguish telling himself he could of done better nd that it was all his fault he knew then he would one day see them but he could not carry on with his simple life anymore. He came over to Chernarus after hearing of an outbreak and wanted to investigate himself. With nothing to lose he managed to get travel over there only to discover no one would take him any further. Jonny didn't want to believe what was actually happening in Chernarus but when towns people were telling him to stay away he digressed and kept moving forward knowing that something inside was telling him to get there. Finally arriving he couldn't believe what he could see, Streets like ghost towns no people about only livestock. he held up in a abandoned house for the night hoping to find a civilisation to find out what was truly going on until that night. That night he could hear moans and groans around the bushes outside of the abandoned house, curiosity took over and Jonny went out to have a look with nothing but a hatchet and a torch which he found to guide his way, to his delight he had found someone he shouts to tell them he is here to help but there was nothing but silence.... Jonny took closer steps towards the person not knowing yet if it was man or woman. He got closer and grabbed the person turned them around and could see to his horror a man with death and fear in their eyes screaming and trying to attack him. Jonny couldn't comprehend what was happening and with one large swoop attacked the man with his hatchet The infected man let out a large scream and finally drew their last breath. Jonny now knew what he was up against and what he must do to either die or find peace in this god forsaken hell hole. he sought out to help those in great need to find out the true cause of this outbreak and what was left of Chernarus. He felt like he needed to try and end the horrors that live amongst the land of Chernarus, waiting for his final days to come so he can once again be reunited with that which he held so dear him...
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