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  1. Yeah, likewise, man! ^^
  2. Spyke2k

    Bring back US Server

    I've just logged in on the EU server and I have a new character. Has there been a wipe or something?
  3. Safe ^_^ Cheers. Yeah found that myself! Haven't played DayZ since ping was a problem haha
  4. Roger that, my man! Thank you! ^_^
  5. Okay, no worries. Tbh I was going off of my ping lol
  6. Hey everyone! Hope you're all well! Are there many EU players that frequent the EU server at all?
  7. Spyke2k


    Thank you! ^_^
  8. Spyke2k


    Hey guys! Thanks a lot for the warm welcome! So, am I allowed to record footage and make some videos from my travels in DayRP? If so, it's happening!
  9. Ranger Spyke OHara. Surviving member of Sheriff's Rangers. Formally a scout leader before the apocalypse in the United Kingdom now a surviving member of the Sheriff’s Ranger outfit. Peacekeeping rangers that were run out of the lands of Chernarus in Povrly, somewhere in the north of the Czech Republic. After escaping the UK with a handful of friends and accumulated comrades the group survivors traversed through Europe seeking refuge. However with all the same stories heard from everyone they met along the way, no safe haven was found. During their travels they encountered the degraded remains of humanity. Unforgiving, bloodthirsty bandits and even people fallen far enough to become cannibals. Though their experiences moulded them into an effective fighting unit, they never left the morals of right and wrong behind. The Sheriff’s Rangers were not officially formed until the incident with “Old Man Sheriff OHara”, a valued and loved member of the group. After the group was ambushed by a brutal gang of cannibals they’ve had previous dealings with, Old Man Sheriff was captured during the midst of battle by a surviving but wounded cannibal. Even though the rangers prevailed over the gang, no one realised Sheriff’s disappearance until after the fight. They eventually tracked them down but by that time it was already too late for him. They captured the cannibal and after a heartbreaking goodbye, Sheriff mercied himself and the group vowed to never let cannibalism go unanswered. They executed the cannibal and left him to turn (in their eyes, that is the ultimate punishment. Wandering forever as in undeath) after they buried the old man. After that they continued to wander around until they came to a place near the north Czech Republic border. A small area near to Povrly known as Chernarus. The group found an unusual amount of survivours somehow surviving in the local area. An area that was rife with bandits and cannibals. They took it upon themselves to set up shop and do what they can to stop degenerates like that hurting what innocent people are left. All went well for a time, the Rangers made a name for themselves around the survivours of Chernarus and more so with the rivalling criminal factions. Many battles were fought and lives were lost but for a time, the SRD made a difference. They made Chernarus a safer place to live. Until the rise of a criminal element that was orchestrated by one of their own, seduced the population and convinced them to rise up against the SRD and thus began, the battle for Berezino. A brutal battle that claimed the lives of many from both sides eventually turned into a siege on the Police station. They SRD were betrayed but their own medic, Bruce, who turned out to a cannibal in charge of the coup. The SRD, surrounded, outgunned and left bloody and all but broken made a final stand before choosing to retreat out of Chernarus. They fled the Police station but lost many lives in the process. What few remaining members survived retreated out of Chernarus to heal and regroup. Now, after many years in exile, a scout from the SRD has returned to Chernarus, scouting out the land for the rest of his team. Establishing a foothold, just incase old grudges die hard. Ranger Ohara is prepared for the worst but is hoping for a peaceful return to the community. He doesn’t hold any grudges save for those that earned them, especially his traitorous comrade, Bruce.
  10. Spyke2k


    Thank you very much, man! Hope to enjoy a lot of time here!
  11. Spyke2k


    Good morning everyone! I'm Spyke! I'm 33 and a filmmaker from the UK! I'm new to DayRP but not new to DayZ Role Play on a whole! I used to play on DayZ Flash Mob years ago by FriendlyInCherno. Was a fantastic server! My friends and I were part of a crime fighting faction called the SRD! You will probably meet them in game. Maybe! I'm very excited to get back into DayZ role play! Had some of the best multiplayer gaming experiences I've ever had! Hope you're well! It's a pleasure to meet you all and I'll see you all in game!