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  1. Here's a preview of the series ending with the Fall of Albion! Episode One should be coming out soon!
  2. If this isn't allowed because it's filmed on two servers, I don't mind taking it down! As I said in the top post, I've got a whole series of episodes and feature lengths filmed on this server. Including the story of Albion. I don't want it to look like I'm advertising a different server here or anything, this is simply just the first one I could finish because it's a standalone, not a part of storyline. DayZRP is advertised as one of the two servers used and the website is linked too Cheers ^^
  3. Heya everyone.. I started playing DayZ Role Play back in 2014 and made myself an entire series about it. Stopped playing for a while and started again at the beginning of this year. Found this community and started recording! The first video I've released is this one.. it's filmed on both DayZRP and a smaller server called InfectedRP. So thank you to the people who put in all the work they do here! I've had a great time since joining! I was working on this one first for a multitude of reasons but I have a series of episodes and DayZ films coming out filmed entirely on this server. It will include the true story or the Rise and Fall Of Albion and the South Zagoria Alliance. All of that is taking it's time thought as it's a shit load of gameplay I'm editing! lol The first 6 episodes are on my channel but I'm trying to edit a backlog before releasing them! But I hope you enjoy this video! You can expect much more of this in my future releases! Pavlovo: Siege and Desist The SRD, a group of civilian trained Rangers whose primary goal is to hunt and neutralise the now rampant cannibalistic threat that now plagues our world.. both alive and undead. Deep in the heart of infected territory, from the lands where the outbreak began, one of the few remaining Rangers of Old Man Sheriff's Ranger Department continues to fight the good fight. Beating back the flesh eating terrors that plague the region of Chernarus. After arriving to the region, Captain O'Hara tracked down and made contact with lost friends, Major Heinrich and Alpha Company 3-34. After making contact, the Captain was gifted Outpost Pavlovo and it was there he assumed command and resumed his hunt for cannibals. Until a night where he found himself under siege by a group calling themselves the Resistance. Captain O'Hara alongside Captain Barnes of Alpha Company must find a way out before it's too late. The Resistance are here to take their home back from the invaders and we are those invaders.
  4. If you've not seen Eng Game yet! Do it soon! Spoiler Shields are failing!!



  5. Conversation was a little one sided, has to be said.
  6. Spyke2k

    Spyke's Phunky Photos

    Exactly what it says on the tin. ?
  7. Heya everyone. Save for Mixtape, what other websites do people use for linking music to ones profile? Mixtape has had to close due to the amount of abusive uploads they get. Sucks, but need another! lol I've tried a few sites but nothing seems to be working! Thanks!
  8. Encoding the first 6 episodes of Captain O'Hara's story! This series will eventually lead to the story of the South Zagoria Alliance and the rise and fall of Albion! ❤️


  9. ... is a spliff. Which I can now have. Joyous. Whoop.
  10. No, you are very correct, I'm not in an official group with Lord Ashford. However our story arc is going that way. To be perfectly honest with you mate, we've been getting attacked at Albion almost constantly for the past 2 weeks maybe 3. Even though we've no weapons or actual stores for that matter anymore. In most of those attacks I have been apprehensive to shoot unidentified people because of fear of breaking the rules etc. However today, after once again spending time finding all my characters uniform etc, I get back to Albion and we are yet again attacked. No I am not in an official group and I totally put my hands up to whatever consequences may come of this (should the report not be closed, but thanks @ScarRP for the willingness) but it's been getting a little tiring with the constant dying when I'm not actually initiated upon. But I am very sorry for my lack of being able to see the fight through! >.<
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