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  1. Vakum was born In Sofia, Bulgaria. He was introduced to the show business at his teenage years and by the age of 18 he already had a job at a national TV station. By the age of 25 he had finished his engineer's degree and was responsible for a lot of TV and cinema sound production. That's when the zombie outbrake reaches Bulgaria. During the early days he ran to a family shack in the Rodopi mountain and hide for a few months. When he ran out of food he decided to travel to the nearest village where he found hundreds of zombies and realize he may be the only one. He head for the capital, to visit his home. As he was approaching Sofia he was able to catch a weak radio signal with distorted inaudible massage. That's when he got excited and optimistic that he is not the lone survivor. The massage was getting clearer and brought him to location downtown where a group of man greeted him and accept him in their camp. As soon as the gates closed he was restrained and send to a room with 10-12 other restrained people. Then he was briefed that from now on they will search the ruins of the city for food and weapons. For the 2 weeks he spend as a slave he created a friendship with Valeri, a guy from the "slaves". As they were searching the buildings they watched each others back form zombies. One day Valeri found a loaded gun and shoot the two guards securing the building entrance they were searching. Then they head for the camp and free the other slaves, Valeri killed 2 more bandits and running away before the rest of the bandits come back. For the next couple days gunshots echoed the city as the bandits were hunting the slaves. He was able to see were the action takes place only by the rushing hordes of zombies following the gunshots. A couple of days later as Vakum was making his way out of the city a ""click" sound and the cold feeling of gun barrel pointed at his head make him stop. It was Valeri demanding all his food, medicine and everything. After a short conversation they grab each other. Valeri pulled the trigger and shot Vakum in the leg. Then tried to shoot again but the gun only clicked. He was out of bullets. Vakum pushed the gun right in to Varleri's nose, then hit him again. Them he grab his head and with one quick move snap Valeri's neck. He couldn't believe what just happened. From that day on trust was automaticly given to no one. The wound was not serious and he was able to take care of it quick. Then he took the gun and ammo from the dead body, took all of the food and medicine and left. He had heard the bandits chatting about "the east connection", and Chernarus. By the year of 2018 he had reached Chernarus where he met a few guys with Bulgarian roots, they then decided to try to settle and build new home.
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