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  1. John has been known for owning one of the most successful car repair garages on the Balkans. He had not shared his story with a lot of people but his only friend- Radion. John was born in a poor family where his mother died when she was giving him birth and his father died during Jonh's teens. Due to the financial struggles and him ending up being homeless without any relatives and friends he joined the Israeli military. He sought the place as his second home because he learnt so many things and was able to survive through one of the most critical moments in his life. During the period in his military training he managed to stand out from the rest as an excellent marksman and landing a job in the Mossad because of his sniper skills. After being the only survivor of a failed hostage-rescue mission he reconsiders his decisions of joining the military and deserts to Bulgaria where he started his 2nd life as a car repair man. Due to his ambitions to always be the best he was very liked among the community but no one knew anything about him. Since his boss recognised the hard labour and the dedication he gave John the business so he can retire peacefully knowing that someone can take care of the well known garage. After the zombie outbreak which was not known at the time his only friend Rodion ended up in a hospital with sympthoms which were not known at the time. John hopped on his car and got to Chernarus where the hospital was located just to find out that his friend is feasting on the leftovers of the nurse which was supposed to look after him every now and then. John tried his best to resist the attacks of his friend which had probably turned in but in the end since he fought for half an hour he ended up killing him. Regretting this decision he went to the nearby forest suffering from great depression. There are rumors that he is still wandering the woods and sometimes seen visiting houses for resourcees but no one has talked with him yet.
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