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  1. John Savage was born on December 25th, 1986. He is 33 years old. John is an ex-police officer from the United States who was visiting Chernarus on behalf of his police department. He was given the task of obtaining trained K9 dogs to bring back to the states, but due to the outbreak, those plans changed. He left behind his wife and two children and hasn't heard or seen them since the outbreak. John has been fighting to survive the Chenarus wasteland since. Due to his law enforcement background he is skilled with any automatic rifle as well as various handguns and shotguns. He tries to see the good in all people, but expects the worst sometimes due to his experience in the field. He often has night terrors from an incident that occured on duty. Not many no of the details pertaining to this tragic event, but some may get know more as they cross paths with John. But, his trust is not easily gained let alone his friendship due to his life and career experiences. Honesty is key in order to gain the favor of John though. John is almost always willing to help anyone in need of help.
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