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  1. I've followed all the steps to join and created a new character. the website says my character (victor) is my active one but i keep getting an admin kick saying its not my active one. i'm not really sure what to do
  2. Victor Von Köstner is a Major in the german army, part of the 23rd infantry brigade. He possesses adept combat training, He excels in stealth incursions as well as other Covert Operations. Born into a rich and greedy family, Young Victor decided to abandon the life of a pompous German Heir and seek out a better life. at the age of 18, Victor enlisted in the german army. through his many acts of heroism following the call of duty and his precision and efficiently in the field, Victor Von Köstner rose to the rank of Major. In the year of 2014, Victor and his team was assigned for a Covert incursion into the rural areas of russia., to recon and find potential areas for staging operations in the future, should national diplomacy turn hostile. separated from his team members (he presumes are dead) Victor wanders the wasteland as a Hired gun, Making the best of the ruins to assure his survival by any means necessary .
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