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  1. Well it ain't that they are harder to handle its just that they breed like rabbits and respawn so quickly in massive hoardes
  2. I see it as roleplay... i would do that IRL
  3. Martin POV: Got IC information that friendly's were in a gunfight in Gliniska, so me @Eagle, @Cow and @Mystery ran down to help out. At Gliniska @Eagle initiated on the people behind the hummer, they didn't comply so i started shooting. Shortly after @Eagle dies and later @Cow. Time goes by and i'm running around town to find more hostiles. After hearing on the radio that there are new people coming into town, i went to look and there are people standing on top of the hummer. I didn't shoot at them because i didn't know if they were randoms or hostiles. I then run back around and kill @Dongle. I then find the hostage and start looking for the HUMVEE, but someone stole it. I then take the hostage in a car and drive away. For the love of god if you hear a gunfight happening, don't go there and expect to not be shot at. In a real life situation would you run towards gunshots? No. SO whoever is trying to get some easy gear and got shot. Too bad. Personaly i would consider going into a gunfight you are not apart of NVFL
  4. Thanks for the picture @bunny. I'll pay in plate carriers that i find


    1. Korha


      Actually worth a BeanZ

    2. bunny


      yes give all robbed plate carriers (im out of beanz 3: )

    3. DuquesneLR


      That, is amazing.

    4. Blisna


      Plate Carriers are a currency 

  5. Join the cause. DM @C-J for details
  6. reported for profile gif and music.. nothing more needs to be said
  7. Cool to see the first ever group i was in comming back. Grafics look awesome. Have fun and good luck boys and girls.
  8. Meh, it's not needed imo. My help desk trips have been about a simple bug, or just a general question. It's a waste of disc space to record HD. Yes you could delete it later as you said but then i dont see why you should record every HD situation on the first place. If you were to record HD it must be for clear OOC hate discussions or something that has more meaning than just general questions.
  9. I think the spawn rates of zombies are fine. They are supposed the be many. They play a big part in the game. If you see many zombies, just dont shoot or consider walking around. Zombies should be something you don't want to run into and avoid imo.
  10. I feel like u killed him as soon as he alt-tabed back. He dosn't move or anything untill you aim at him.
  11. I like this >:) yet another car to drift and do burnouts with >:)
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