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  1. maybelele

    The Pagan Revenants [In-Character Recruitment]

    Really like the tattoo shop and the Mechanic shop, i really hope u guys get that working. Good luck boiiz
  2. The gun spawn rate is in my eyes really wierd. But after looting NWAF / Tisy so many times i say that people will start caring more about ammo than guns because for some odd reason ammo is being more and more wanted than the guns themselfs. I used to find atleast the AKM and M4 ammo non-stop but after the guns got more common then i find it somewhat hard to find the ammo. In a IRL situation guns are all over the place. Can be found at military places no problem. But the ammo gets wasted. For every bullet is wasted there is not more made. Lets say that after the outbreak military used tons on tons of bullets but the guns themselfs were still there working. So finding the guns more common i dont find a problem with. If u want to increse the difficoulty on survival then maybe even knock down the spawnrate of bullets.
  3. In the firefights ive been in there are Groups / Factions that use two different armbands but are in the same group just to mess with us about that we never "Initiated" or got initiated on by X armband. which makes it really confucing and hard. Im not saying its against the rules, its a good tactic and all but it baits us to think that we cant shoot them becasue it will be a KOS. In my opinion groups dont need to be wearing an armband at ALL times but 100% wear only ONE color only.
  4. maybelele

    corpo 2.jpg

    Did you edit this urself? If so good job
  5. maybelele

    The Mob Media Thread

    Fredrik looses his shit.
  6. maybelele

    Deer Isle shutdown

    I think we need another one of those paintball rounds my guy
  7. maybelele

    Server performance issues

    2nd this
  8. maybelele

    The Mob

    Slava the mob!!!
  9. Yeah was alot of fun Hope we see eachother at some point again The crazy taxi driver was me :))) Was alot of fun
  10. my god what did i just listen to..
  11. maybelele

    The Mob

    Slava the mob biiaatch
  12. maybelele

    The End

    Well shit i fuckin died...
  13. maybelele

    Group specific outfits

    My question is tho. IF you were wearing another groups outfit. That group was friendly and never did any raids / Robberys. Lets say that 3 other guy were going arround in that groups outfit and robbing and raiding. Would that go under the Impersonating rule?
  14. maybelele

    The End

    Now this is siiick
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