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  1. @ZedLR because he is the nicest person i've ever met. Totally not because he's from Sweden or anything.
  2. Martin. A Norweigan man born in the northern part of Norway called "Finnmark." Martin grew up like any other Norwegian. He went to the school that was closest to him for many years before he had to move elsewhere because the schools up north didn't have the same kind of education programs as they had in the south. So Martin moved down to Oslo at the age of 17, and started working and going to mechanic school as he wanted to work on cars when he grew up. As Martin went through and finished his 2nd year of mechanic school he desided to take a year away from school where he would work for an entire year before continuing on his education. During this break he met some questionable people that would change his life around. Martin and some of his friends were at a bar drinking, just having a fun night around others. Martin and one of his friends looked over at the entrance, and for some reason when some men walked in alot of the people at the front of the bar started standing up from their chairs and walking back as if they were scared of something. These men looked over at Martin and his friends for a little while before walking into a private room. The bartender also walked into the room with bottles of alcohol but she didn't come back out with any money as if these guys didn't pay for whatever she just served them. As the bartender comes back she sais that they want to talk to Martin and his friends, she made it seem like there wasn't much choice if we wanted to talk to them or not. As Martin and his friends went in to them and started talking, they quickly figured out that these guys were in a gang, and these men wanted Martin and his friends to do a quick job for them. This job was more or less just baiting another gang out into the open so the other gang could "handle them". Martin didn't fully understand what they ment with that before him and his friends saw the gang gun the other gang down in the streets. Martin and his friends got paid a ton of money, but after that the gang wanted to make Martin and his friends a part of the gang since they did such a great job. Martin thought of the money more than what could happen during and after if the police or any other gang knew that he was a part of it. This gang called themselves "The Nordic Brotherhood." This made Martin want to join a little bit more because of meaning behind those words and what the gang stood for in the sense of scandinavian brotherhood. He actually felt like he gained some brothers and sisters within this gang. After some time of doing questionable stuff and working with and for the scandinavian brotherhood he was contacted by the higherups within this gang. The gang wished to expand their business, seeing the disturbances in the Republic of Chernarus he along with many others were sent to find a demand that the country would need, only to then set up a supply line back to the gang in Scandinavia to smuggle it over to Chernarus. As far as others found out, Chernarus needed muscle.
  3. *Asad would pick up his radio after hearing the people on the radio* "Salam aleikum. It amuses me that you make yourself and your group of friends sound like a bunch of gangsters, but we both know what has happend every time me or any other chechnyan has met you. Every time you cried and cried over losing either your cars, trucks or anything else." *He'd pause for a sec before continuing* "Lets stop the dick measuring on the radio and lets just settle it face to face like real men, but i have a slight feeling that you won't accept that PJ. You will still be on the radio talking smack to anyone and everyone about how big of a man you are. I look farward to your gangster responce PJ. Contact me here if you want to settle it face to face like real men." *Asad would pause again* "As for the rest of the people listening to the radio. Have a nice day." *Asad would release the PTT*
  4. Good luck boys 'nd girls! Hope to see you guys ingame!
  5. Glad to be here boys, lets get some of that quality RP
  6. Born in Vedeno, Chechnya, Asad was raised in the middle of a war torn country.From an early age, Asad already had great hate against RF, and when his entire family was murdered by Russian GRU, the hatred grew dramatically . Before the end of the Second Chechen War, Hamdan felt as if it was his soul given duty to pick up a weapon and take part in the fight. However, his role was small as he was only 16 when the war ended. Asad thought that he would be able to live in peace away from the oppression of Russia from Years after the end of the war, in 2014, Hamdan was contacted by Pyotr Yusapov and was given information about forces continuing to fight for Chechnya, Chechenskiy Batal’on. Asad fell back in love with war and wanted to know about them and their operations. Pyotr was willing to give the man a chance but last say come forms Shamil the Warlord of the organisation and with a lot of discussion, Asad was brought into the group and began to fight with the rest of Chechenskiy Batal’o
  7. I get offered a lovely ride in the heli by mr. @Mofer to which i accept. We go from Berenzino all the way to Vybor to fuel up the amazing bird. When we were on our way back to Berenzino we pass Guglovo to where i see people on the ground. We circle the place for a little bit because we didn't know if they were going to steal our heli if we landed or not, but after a little talk we desided to land. Then the lagging stuntman himself flew, lagged and landed kinda hard, but the heli didn't explode, the heli didn't die, so considering we could take off again and there was no damage we landed further away because of the tight area we landed at before. After that we had great roleplay from both sides, so i see no problem here. I would love to see more of the "Crash" from @Methias's video. 23 sec is kinda short.
  8. Dob Kalchik grew up in Romania as a normal day kid. Growing up he went through school and took his education as a construction worker. Some time after the sivil war in Chernarus the company Dob had joined up with after school was sent to Miroslavl to fix and work on damaged goverment property. After being done building in Miroslavl, the company desided to go to Chernarus to continue on fixing damaged goverment property after the civil war. Today Dob is doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing. Fixing, building and just in general hanging out with his fellow colleagues.
  9. As @Inferno said. Keep IC, IC. I was there, and at no point was he "baiting" you. He can play his character however he wants, and if he doesn't like you, then deal with it ICly because lets be real. You've been enemies for months so you can't expect him to be all nice. But again as @Inferno is saying he's willing to talk to you if you have an issue. Thanks for the Feedback.
  10. Bruh, thats crazy


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      spider man lol GIF

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      mila kunis lol GIF

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  11. Maybelele

    The Northmen

    "The Northmen" Sees Canadian Flag Really cool picture tho, especially that multicam guy. So sexy
  12. Great grafics! I've already had really really good RP with you guys so i can see this group being REALLY good Good luck guys!
  13. A wise man once said...

    "I loving the cow"

    i live by these words

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      Our cowing

  14. Thats a -1 from me. Even though i'd like for people to push storylines more rather than "i've been shot 100 times, BUT i ain't dead." It should always be up for the person behind the character if he/she wants to PK the character or not. Also this: If you get attacked IC, and they tell you "this and this will happen if you don't change this and this" then you don't listen / take into consideration that you might get attacked again, and put friends/family in danger only because you don't want to do said thing. Then they attack again because you didn't listen, and give you the same demand like last time. Its up to the group thats getting attacked to communicate with the attacking group for it to stop after given the "this and this will happen if you don't change this and this" talk.
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