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  1. Hi. Go into your character page, and click edit. Set your character to a map and click save
  2. This looks awesome @Basko! i really wish i did the same, and by that i mean taking more screenshots. Really shows what you and your group has been though. Well done and keep it up
  3. Welcome i hope you have a great experience here, and that you enjoy the RP
  4. As Basko said. I hope you have a good time around here, there's a ton of cool people to meet around here. The lore will indeed be interesting. I think just about everyone is waiting for it, and i really do feel like the last days have been going slower and slower because wipe is so close
  5. Thats siiiiiick. Love the picture
  6. Welcome back Hope you have a great time!
  7. Welcome back dude . I hope you have tons of good RP
  8. The game itself is pretty good, the only thing that can be a bit anoying about the game is some glitches here and there. But if you want to meet people, i'd do the same as FredLR is saying, and just jump into it. Thats most likely the best way of doing it. I think dayz also is on free weekend atm so why not download it and test it out.
  9. Welcome back! I hope you have a great time, and get some good RP going
  10. Yes! Finally i won't be stuck on the car and die This is simple but really good mod. +1 on that one brother
  11. It was nice meeting you.
  12. Welcome Kristinn. Cool to see we live in the same country Hope to see you soon half-scandi brother.
  13. Norwegian music be the best music, change my mind.

    1. Oy



  14. It was the most akward few minutes of my life
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