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  1. Chloe's life had the ideal family, a mother and father who loved each other and a little brother Aiden. When she was only 11 her parents and brother were killed in a car crash this sparked a need to help people she deiced she was going to devote her life to helping anyone who needed it and as many people as she could she decided the best way to do this was to become a nurse. When she started high school she also started taking college classes as well by the time she graduated high school she was able to go directly into college with only a few years left she graduated early at age 22. After she graduated she found a job as a trauma nurse and worked doing that for a year then she hear news that medical help was needed for the soldiers in chernarus she dropped everything and traveled there to help. Chole had no idea what she had got herself into her goal now is to survive and continue to help as many people as possible
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