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  1. Nice guide Astycc, wish this was around when I joined (Although it wasn't that long ago) Well done
  2. FrostyMelonz

    Can't hear or see anyone talking in-game.

    This happened to me just the other night or last night which ever it was but yea i'm not sure really.
  3. Ahh all good man that was my first player interaction but yea I couldn't hear you guys I was just going to see if you had a spare map and stuff but yea just about everyone got off at that point, I'll have to try and fix my sound and stuff but did you hear me say Hello at the start?
  4. If this camp was on the coast, west of Electro, with a cornfield and boathouse, that'd be the TOR camp. They're usually friendly people. You might have issues with your in game sound or a problem with your mic. Yea that was it might have to get someone to come ingame or something to help me check it
  5. For something so simple that is fucking brilliant!
  6. I was on S1 and saw a little camp with a fire so I went to check it out and there was 3 people there just sitting around the fire they had blocked to entrance with their bus, I tried to make contact and talk to them and stuff but they stood up and walked to the fence where I was and all 3 of them just stood there staring at me without saying anything. I ran away pretty quickly The camp was just outside Elektro I still don't know who they were but I was scared for my safety as 2 of them had the most OP weapon in the game the AXE!
  7. I have fallen off many buildings. And just the other day on normal DayZ I tried running over a ghillie guy in my GAZ but he was on grass so I was going about 2 km/h and he killed me and my friend We did happen to get the car back though.
  8. I'm with Optus (in Australia) but I did what OnionJack said to do and he says its something to do with my internet provider so I don't know
  9. Done all these used the client and the 2 links on the forums and none of them seem to work, Although when I use the code it doesn't say "Trying to resolve host name" like when I use the ts.dayzrp.com:9987 code.
  10. Tried this and still doesn't work, I don't know whats going on, Plus i'm supposed to be meeting someone on teamspeak so I want to try and get this fixed ASAP. Thanks Everyone.
  11. Yeah I can thats what I find weird.