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  1. i was josh norman and i could tell you my pov but it would be the same as everyone in the car so i would like to point out the fact that the first chat message was at 06:27:04 and i died at 06:27:09 they gave us 5 seconds to stop a car in 3rd gear they did nothing to try to stop us like stand in the road and after we got done talking to the FFL we came back to are car missing two tires and the spare hidden in a field with the radiator taken out which i found a bit childish but it is rp and that could happen so i wont mind it very much OOC i heard that someone from FFL watch the KOS happened but i do not know who
  2. is anyone else tired of getting robbed every half hour just because you have something they want and they don't want to work for it i mean i get its the apocalypse so its would happen but its a game and i n one wants to get robbed 24/7 it makes it hard to rp scared when you get robbed so much that you're just tired of losing your stuff and not being able to do anything about it i think that there should be more rules on it but i don't know that is just what i think
  3. Traillz


    realistically the building would be gone because the jet fuel would have caught fire and i don't think that building can withstand that much heat
  4. my name is josh im 27 i went to boot camps a lot when i was young caused me to hate where i lived so when i got older i moved to Chernarus and had my new born son, Jackson Chernarus is a amazing place to live great people, great places thats all i could ask for My Wife Sarah, she is one tough lady She is studying in Chernogorsk's University at the moment When my family moved to chernarus we bought a farm up north of Chernogorsk When i was working on the farm to grow our own food and produce, I later found out it is hard to do it all by myself After a long day out in the farm i decided to look for people to work with me on the farm I was surfing the internet for people to work for me when one caught my fascination John Lewis? was his name, i checked his profile and everything matched up he could live with us too? After telling my wife that we will have John come the our farm to work with us and live with us she loved the fact that he will stay with us, so i arranged to pick him up from balota airport at 7.50 pm the next day Later the next day i arrived at the airport at 7.49pm so he wouldn't have to wait for me to arrive he put his bags in the back of the car and hopped in, Hello John , I'm Jack Savage Nice to meet you when we shook hands he greeted himself to me Hello Josh I'm John Good to meet you too after heading back we were talking about what jobs we could do at the farm when out of nowhere we hit something i couldn't control the wheel and we ended up smashing into a tree that was when the outbreak started every since i made it my mission to find my son and wife
  5. i have all of the mods but i still freeze up
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