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  1. My name is Matt Smith, I was a US CIA Agent working on a top secret mission during the time of the apocalypse start. I was in Chernaraus for a mission that was to find where they had our Agent who was sent a while back and had not been contacting us for several weeks and I was sent to find and extract him. As soon as the apocalypse hit Chernaraus I needed to gather gear in order to survive the zombies and outlaws. I am still looking for the other Agent but he could be dead and I need to find other US Government officials to extract before I leave this godforsaken place. In this place I have to do anything in order to accomplish my mission, if that means I have to steal from others to get the equipment I need to complete it, then so be it. Other operatives from the CIA may be sent to assist me on this mission on a later date. I will need to keep a low profile and try to not reveal that I am a US Agent, for I might get into some bad relations and situations if people know what my true intention is on this land. I will make sure my people get out safe, and if we can't get out we will survive on the land, and I will have to protect them with my life.
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