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  1. Strelok

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

  2. Strelok

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    We conduct the master Russian roleplay
  3. Strelok

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    Good luck, здарова из аэродром.
  4. New stuff! I expect feedback from all, thanks to everyone participated in any of this.
  5. Strelok

    Yggdrasil [Recruitment Open]

    Those letters in the logo look real good.
  6. He went to the Moscow Military Commanders Training School. He served the military for 24 years, joined the Russian Military Intelligence GRU and was sent to Chernarus as a Polkovnik to gather intelligence about NATO presence in the area, he is still in contact with the service and in active duty. He also works in the Chernarus as an hitman due to his previous military experience. Not much is known about him. His wife was killed by Chernarussian ultranationalists in Russia during a protest, so he does not like them too much.
  7. Strelok

    United Nations Media Thread

    Looking good, I might be interested to take part in any of this. Good luck!
  8. Hi, I am just a newcomer and I will be posting my stuff here.
  9. He was a different child that had a special interest in firearms. His father was a police officer, they went shooting in mountains to his original hometown, Samsun, every summer with his father. After high school he went to the Turkish Army Academy, studying Sociology. Graduated as a Second Lieutenant, got his duty branch trainings for a year after his graduation and was assigned to Military Police Corps. After 3 years of service he got promoted to First Lieutenant. He served in the branch for 3 more years until his commander in Military Police Corps recommended him for Army Intelligence. When his promotion day for Captain rank arrived, he was also assigned to the Army Intelligence as an Intelligence Officer. In July 25, 2017, he was deployed to Chernarus as an undercover officer with NATO forces along with his 5-men group. Deniz and his soldiers separated from NATO forces and blended into civilians. All those soldiers spoke Russian very well -so does Deniz-. His men were all miserably infected by zombies when they were attempting to gather intelligence from civilians about Russian presence in Chernarus. Deniz was left alone in the extinction zone, marked MIA by Turkish Government.