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  1. Hello there. I left the community just before Pamyat' was disbanded. I am known for my angry Russian roleplay I think. I am planning to come back and play after all this time passed. See you in game!
  2. @frags2k Had fun rolling with ya! Spent a lot of effort to fix up a vehicle together. Welcome to the community.
  3. He was born in Saint Petersburg. Lost both of his parents when he was only 4, Russian government took him and raised him. He graduated in Psychology from Moscow University. He served as a diplomat with different duties in many different countries and areas such as China, Germany, Kuala Lumpur, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, Chernarus, Poland, France, Afghanistan, Syria and finally Turkey before outbreak. As the threat had grown, he was called back home. Artyom was also a part of the civilian intelligence agency of Russia, the SVR, but for the nature of the job that occupation of his would be kept covered. He arrived in Chernarus 2 months after the outbreak for a covert operation for the SVR through the border with Russia at north.
  4. So you may be roleplaying a spy or an intelligence unit that's far from home that's still in contact with them. Let's start with numbers stations. There are many examples that you can find on Google, I will leave the video at the end. As contacting your command center with a normal chatter that is open to public would compromise the secrecy of you. Numbers stations widely use one-time pads (OTP). Each key is unique for operatives on field. Encrypted messages broadcast worldwide and the desired operative receives the code, decrypting it with the issued key. You can use the following website that I have found to create your own. http://rumkin.com/tools/cipher/otp.php Each letter is broadcasted as a word. See the example videos. So my example message in Russian phonetics would be like this, if used in IC radio section (referred to this and this as there is no Q in Russian alphabet - note that it can be implemented some way else); Thanks for reading and make sure to leave a review.
  5. Thank you for the review! I wanted to keep it simple to keep the reader in the thread so that they don't just shut it and leave saying "I'm not here to learn Russian". Sorry for the хорошо thingie there, I am pretty sure I pronounce it right but when it comes to typing the stuff in Latin it makes me a little dizzy, confused. I'll revise the stuff from time to time. I have attached the last part of your message to the topic.
  6. I came across many people roleplaying Russian in game but many of them lack the knowledge of pronunciation and it really bugs me. Now it is time to mute your Discord and read this guide thoroughly if you are intended in roleplaying a Russian character. Let's start with names. You can use Google Translate for many cases, pick the desired name and click on the little Listen button on the left. Ivan (e-vuhn) Oleg (alyeg) Nikolai (ni-ka-lai) Gleb (glyeb) Yuri (yuriy) Pavel (pavyl) List goes on like that, you can use that service for the name that you wish to hear. The biggest problem you will encounter with those names will be caused by the letter Ы if there is nothing similar to that in your native language, which can't be actually translated into the English latin alphabet. Click here to hear. City and Town Pronunciations Novaya Petrovka, Petrovka (pyetrofka) part is important. (New Petrovka) Lopatino Grishino Kabanino Military Base - Voyennaya Baza Airfield - Aerodrom The problematic letter Ы Stary Sobor-Novy Sobor (Старый Собор - Новый Собор) Vybor (Выбор) Myshkino (Мышкино) Vyshnoye (Вышное) Tisy (Тисы) Examples are enough, one more thing that you should be aware of is most of these towns' names end with 'SK', like Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk. Make sure you say SK not KS, I've come across with this mistake many times. Difference: Chernogorsk (TRUE) Chernogorks (WRONG) Don't be like this; https://youtu.be/WDtwtQ07QSE Now let's learn fundamental sentences and words. Hello Privjet Zdarova Zdravstvuyte (overkill eh?, this is to greet someone that you approach with respect) Yes Da No Njet Okay, Good Kharasho Brother - Brat, Bratan There - Tam Here - Zdyes', Tut He's dead - She's dead On ubil - Ana ubila SHOOT! Strelyat' (my nickname Strelok means Shooter) How are you? What's up? Kak dyela? (How are you doing?) How are you? Kak ty? (Ты) - Ty (you-singular) Kak vy? (Вы) - Vy (you-plural/respectful) My name is.. Menya zavut.. Thanks - Thank you (Spasiba, Pasiba, Spasibo Tebe) Understood - Ponyal (but pronounced like ponyul) Stop! Stoj! Nothing - Nichevo Never - Nikogda I don't know - Ya (I) ne (don't) znayu (I know) / ne (not) znayu (I know), Come on! Davay! What? Shto? What is this? Shto eta? It is.. Eta.. (like eta oruzhiye, it's a gun/this is a gun) Fucking cool - Zayebis' (remember that it's a bad word used in a good manner and shouldn't be used if you're near someone respected) What do you want from me? Shto ty hochesh ot menya? Show me your hands! Pokazhi (show) menya (me) svoj (own) ruki (hands)! Or a live example made by me: Now bad words as they always use them, you can refer to the following video for many examples at once: Pizda, yebat', blyat', pizdets (all mean fuck, fucked, fucked up, shit, damn) Thanks for reading, if I have any mistakes please bring it to my attention. I hope it will be any of use.
  7. We conduct the master Russian roleplay ?
  8. Good luck, здарова из аэродром.
  9. New stuff! I expect feedback from all, thanks to everyone participated in any of this.
  10. Those letters in the logo look real good. ?
  11. He went to the Moscow Military Commanders Training School. He served the military for 24 years, joined the Russian Military Intelligence GRU and was sent to Chernarus as a Polkovnik to gather intelligence about NATO presence in the area, he is still in contact with the service and in active duty. He also works in the Chernarus as an hitman due to his previous military experience. Not much is known about him. His wife was killed by Chernarussian ultranationalists in Russia during a protest, so he does not like them too much. Not much is known about his background, he's faking his accent.
  12. Looking good, I might be interested to take part in any of this. Good luck!
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