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  1. My name is Samuel Davis, I am 36 years old. Born in "Manchester (GB)". At the age of 18, I left my town to go and live in Bristol. After graduating at High School, I decided to go and work in a cargo company, even though my real dream was becoming an airplane pilot.Eventually I received an opportunity to have a job in "Milan (Italy)"I booked a plane ticket to Malpensa airport and the day after I was already in my new job. After a few years,by making sacrifices and saving a lot of my wage money,I finally had my chance to get my pilot license.As soon as I got my license they offer me a job as a turist pilot. I accept it straight away and started taking turists backward and forward, but after a short time I realize it's not the thing for me, so I start searching for a better job. And there it is, I recieve an offer from a Non-Governative Organization that needs pilots for delivering medicals and food all over the world. I sign the contract and there I am leaving for my new destination "Chernarus". A few hours of flight and there we are me and my co-pilot landing in "Novigrad", capitol city of "chernarus".But as soon as we arrive we are suddenly boarded by a bunch of bandits, that take all the cargo from my plane. After that they take us to a shed and shoot both of us, my co-pilot dies straight away while I fortunately am only badly injured. Not realizing that I'm still alive, the bandits just jump into there veichles and drive away. When I thought it was the end for me, a couple of good guys turned up and medicated me and left me some food. Now that i've realized what is going on, I Know I have to find a way to survive this hell and maybe find a way back home.
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