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  1. Thanks man, so far so good.. Still a bit weary of others but did meet a couple nice guys tonight..
  2. Well I signed up and got whitelisted quite some time ago but had issues getting on the server. After getting frustrated too many times I ended up giving up and playing on some other RP servers but they just werent right.. A friend got on here and she said she was having a great time and how good the server was so I figured what the hell, Ill give it another go. So with her help and guidance we got it all sorted and here I am. Day 2 of surviving on DayZRP. Look forward to meeting so many interesting people!
  3. Ive tried everything suggested and still cant get on the server... Ill find another RP server I guess as this one is overly complicated it seems to play on..
  4. I give up... still cant get on the server..
  5. Double checked those.. and they are set that way.. trying to get in one more time now.. just in queue now.. Will let ya know if it works..
  6. And now I cant even get in.. Just keep getting Invalid Ticket.. Help Please
  7. Ive done everything I can think of and still cant get in to play..
  8. Ok I have never had such a complicated way of getting into a server.. I have created my character and thats all good.. join the server again and now Im kicked saying this isnt my character.. Im so confused..
  9. Ex Canadian Military suffering from PTSD with a split personality and imaginary friend. Moved to chernarus to get away and try to start a new life. But after the outbreak, my wife was killed and turned. I had to track her down and end her suffering. That loss triggered my alter ego RD and his imaginary friend Dave who sometimes makes things go bad in a hurry! When Ricky is around he is usually a loner, keeps to himself and avoids trouble. Also keep the beer away from Dave... Usually ends badly for everyone. Ricky is willing to help out though when others are in need and always willing to share what he has. He is a hunter, gatherer, and scavenger. He is on the hunt for a new quiet place to call home and try to avoid any further loss in his life.
  10. Ok.. so I was able to get in now.. but shortly after getting in I get kicked out saying I dont have a player or one alive or my settings arent set to public... I have all my settings to public on steam so Im not sure what is going on now.
  11. Thank you.. Ive downloaded the mods and will give that a try in a bit!
  12. Ive been trying to get onto the server via the SA launcher but I just keep freezing up at the DayZ screen.. What mods are needed to get on the server?
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