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  1. *Clicks radio on* "H-hello? This is Rukov Morya... I am not military but I have firearms and ammunition. I seem to be in a larger town east of you called Elektro. I can assist you if you last a few minutes longer, I can make my way towards your location." *cuts out*
  2. Young man who planned on joining the military or becoming a mechanic before the outbreak. A lot of his family was still in Russia when he and his parents moved to America, so when the outbreak hit his parents wanted to find them but they were long gone. His parents died recently, and he ended up in Chernarus looking for people to rebuild with. The infection has been hard on him, and only recently he watched everyone he cares about fade away to this plague Before he had to fight for his life, Rukav was a pretty normal man, playing video games and going to work every day. He had a bit of a fondness of firearms, taking any opportunity to go to the range with his father or with his friends. He also enjoyed working on different motors of cars, trucks, bikes, anything. He wanted to become a mechanic either in the navy or as a Civilian, but he never got choose which.
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