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  1. Andrew grew up in Kamyshovo but moved to Tulga just northeast three years after his mother died of cancer. He was still very young when his mom passed therefore he doesn't remember much of her. Andrew had a beloved dog that stayed with him through his teenage years, while during that time he was taught to hunt and shoot by his dad. His father, Ivan Pochinki was a proficient hunter and stayed up in his deer stand most of the time. He kept his family fed through his profession, and then would sell the extra meat to the town. His father died of a heart condition just months before the infection. The only thing he has to remember his father is his pistol. Andrew holds it to him dearly. Since the town was very rural for the most part, the infection hit the town hard. Andrew survived. He does not know if he is immune or just lucky. Andrew spends his time in Tulga now wandering the streets of Tulga, reminiscing about the days when the town was full of familiar faces, or when he bagged his first deer. Anyways, Andrew knows this is all behind him and realizes the impending threats for his survival that may come soon.
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