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  1. Fedorka Zorky is a mentally unstable Ex-Chernarussian Solider with PTSD and a depression issue. When he can find some anxiety meds he's level a level-headed leader. Without them, he's quiet with a sort of saddened look in the eyes. His past is bloodshed, with no father and no male role model he dabbled in drugs as a teen. Which got him in trouble. His single mother could no longer associate with his actions. So he was given an ultimatum. Join the military and fight for the people of Chernarus or be left on the streets like his father before him. He chooses to fight for his flag. I wise choice he thought at the time. He was in a few conflicts here and there. But his last conflict was the civil war. He watched his comrades bleed, he watched his comrades die. After a piece of shrapnel shredded his calf they sent him home. The doctors said he recovered. Be he knows he didn't. He still in pain, mental agony. Every night replaying the death of his friends his comrades. Images of the people of his nation dead in mass graves. These will be with forever in his dreams and thoughts. After being discharged due to being mentally unfit he returns to a broken household his mother now stricken with a brain tumor. Due to the civil war, they weren't able to spare the surgeons for any operations. So he could only watch his mother die. After her passing he was quiet. People now felt pointless to be around he thought, all they do is die. But he knew of one more relative. His grandfather, well what he left behind which is his widowed grandmother Yana. They had a farm up north which was far away from any humans. The only person there would be Yana he thought. He moves to the farm and all is well. Until it happened. The start of the outbreak was quiet. Long after the power went out we ran across problems, such as the pipes freezing so we had no water. But the biggest problem of them all. Yana's heart medication was dwindling and without it, she would die. He insisted that she let me leave and find some for her but she said no she would be fine. He knew she was lying. The next night he sets out into the town. The town seems void of life he thought just a few infected. After leaving the pharmacy he beings the arduous trip back to the farm. The long dirt road seems endless he thought. Till he sees light at the farm. The house hasn't had power in weeks he thought. As he inched closer he hears the faint crying plea of his widowed grandmother. Then the gunshot. This is the gunshot that ended any sort of mental stability for Fedorka. His heart begins to beat and he begins to faint. Run he thinks, as he sprints off into the woods until his adrenaline wears off. He sits out of breath. He's alone with his thoughts, the thoughts of his dying comrades, his dying mother and now the gunshot that killed his last hope of sanity.
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