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  1. Daniel lived a normal life in Manchester, like any other teenage boy he'd wake up in the morning get ready for school and walk there. After school he'd hang around with his mates at the local park and then return home just to do the same thing the next day. He'd dream for the weekends and dread the weekdays, but that all changed when he flew to Chernarus for his uncles birthday. Daniel didnt have many freinds. although that didnt bother him that much because he dosnt like to be with big groups of poeple. He loved sports, especially biking. He liked spending time with both friends and family and had built quite a close relationship with the people around him. He'd a kind fun and loving guy who genuinly cared about the good people he is surrouned with. But at the same time he dosnt like to be told what to do. He likes to live life on his own terms and make his own rules. If he wants to achieve something he will achieve it. And if he falls he will get back up. He's a fighter and never likes to give up only if its a last ditch attempt.
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