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  1. Character - Zerprex, Male, Hispanic, medium build, 200 pounds, and 20 years old. In my spare time I would surf the internet, drink, smoke, and fuck women. Since I never went out much and had a drug empire to run my workers would bring me what I would ask for. What did I do before outbreak? - High tier Drug dealer (sold psychedelic drugs like Acid, Mushrooms, DMT etc). How did I end up in Chernarus? - Since I was wanted by the Police in my former country, The United States of America, I stayed away from the cities and stayed near the shore for an easy escape in case i was found. Soon after the outbreak happened the infection traveled to the largest city nearest to me named Houston, therefore, I took a boat, named myself "Zerprex", and traveled north to Chernarus to escape death and prosecution. What am I trying to accomplish here? Survival, I escaped my country for survival. I don't know what lies ahead but since I ran a drug empire I know i can form a group and become a leader if I do run into survivors. If there are many survivors I seek to establish a base and gain regional power. If I notice there are already too many leaders or groups I will try and manipulate them against each other into war and form my own group of rebels and later create the group name and become their leader if i succeed.
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