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  1. Hello friend, I agree with the previous poster that it seems a bit strange. Life comes first though, we all know that. Anyway, I'd just like to add that maybe it could have been better by letting the temporary leader lead the group while you are busy with the lore and life stuff. That way, the group could grow more naturally instead of Clyde coming right in and taking over. You could still do the decisions in the background, while coming up with a natural way of letting Clyde take the lead. Anyway, I have heard a lot about demons while I've been away, so I'm looking forward to meeting you guys in game soon!
  2. I used to use ReShade back in 0.6-ish, so I can't remember exactly what settings I used. What kind of impact does it have on FPS in-game nowadays?
  3. Hello @Daryl Dixon Wolf, I did some quick googling and it seems that there are some issues with the DayZ Launcher on Geforce Now. You can and should report this issue to BI and Nvidia. There is a bug report about it on BI bug tracker here: https://feedback.bistudio.com/T133598
  4. I used Photoshop and Illustrator, but recently my CC subscription was heavily raised in pricing so I cancelled. Now I'm about to start using GIMP.
  5. Logging on to S2 and you can just feel how smooth it is compared to S1 lmao. Anyway, I agree with @Lumen. Keep it up.
  6. It depends on the game really, but yeah, most of the time x264 codec is a beast. Things that NVENC struggles with are particle effects like dust or glares (shiny things). x264 might struggle with keeping patterned moving lines intact.
  7. I mainly use OBS. Streaming settings: Encoder: x264 encoder Rate control: CBR Bitrate 6400 Keyframe interval: 2 CPU Usage Preset: veryfast For most games, this works out very well, even DayZ. These settings usually become an issue when there are many containers at one place because DayZ and OBS are struggling to compete for CPU resources. Recording: Recording format: mp4 Encoder: NVENC H.264 Rate control: CQP CQP: 5 Preset: High Quality Profile: high Level: 4.2 Two pass encoding B-frames: 2 The level you set here for CQP is important. Closer to 0 = lossless, higher = lossy. I found that 5 works pretty good, and above the quality becomes so lossless that playback is an issue in both video players and editing software.
  8. mathsw


    I agree. Sennheiser 599 here, the best headset I've ever used.
  9. @MrP4nda I did not see you waving your arms when I shot you. I saw a man in the window, with a Mosin. As for more specific information on that building in relation to the fight: As we were initiating, we had also found Saviour fighters in that specific apartment building, top floor and on roof. These fighters were taken care of by men with red armbands, I do not know their group's name. I do not know what happened around that area until we were retreating, and we thought we were getting shot at by you. To me, it seems like a big misunderstanding between us.
  10. After the big firefight, we were running north away from Novaya. We are at the height of the train station and someone fires at us, at least that is what we think. Someone over voice said to take cover, someone is shooting at us. I turn around and someone spots the man in the apartment, so I took a shot at him and he disappeared. I turn around at this point deciding it's maybe better to leave, and then a couple of seconds later I hear shots and someone saying that the man who shot at us is dead. From my point of view, I thought we were being attacked as we were retreating by the saviours. Best regards, mathsw
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