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  1. Pre-Apocalypse Sometime before the outbreak of the virus, Dylan joined the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. He became part of a special hazmat unit in the department, as Allan assumes (and Ramirez confirms) hence his gas mask. It was likely he was initially involved, along with the rest of the police force, in helping Canadian Medical Assistance Team to try and contain the initial outbreak. When law enforcement was overrun and the military took over CMAT's job in containing the outbreak, Dylan along with other surviving officers took shelter inside police department. Post-Apocalypse After the outbreak of the virus, the prisoners locked inside the station likely grew unruly, and staged a revolt. It is unknown how they escaped, but they murdered the rest of the officers still inside Allen was one of them. Dylan had already left the station to search for remaining evacuation zones, and when he returned he was knocked out and locked in one of the police station's holding cells, where he spent a week trapped inside. The prisoners who escaped went out to form their own bandit gang, who harass Dylan throughout their journey through the town. Richard Watson first meets Dylan locked in a jail cell by bandits. After fighting off the bandits who had locked Dylan in the cell, the two commandeer a blue Sudan and escape the town. Now Dylan is home and the Bandits are presumed dead he may go back to his routine of trying to put a little hope back into the world
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