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  1. This also happened to me today when trying to join the server for the first time...if I use the DayZSA Launcher (the app) it freezes exactly the same as the screenshot OP shown. But if I try to launch DayZ through a launcher (with right mods and my character's name), add "dayzrp.com" to filters, it only shows the EU server with 0/60 players, not the actual server (which was at 65/100, definitely not full, as I checked with DayZA Launcher). I'm not sure, maybe it takes some time for a database to update, since I'm a fresh whitelisted newcomer, maybe that's the issue? I also tried reinstalling the game, redownloading mods, verifying my cache files and restarting laptop. All the other servers, moded or not, are working so I believe there might be something with me not being registered as a whitelisted person, but I'm just guessing. Anyone can help?
  2. Born and raised in Chernaya Polana. Attended University to study IT, but couldn't graduate due to outbreak. His mother was Chernarussian native, while his father was from Slovakia. When the outbreak happened, he was living hidden in the cabin deep in the woods, away from troubles. He's a lonely guy, last year he was ordinary internet geek with little outdoor skills. He managed to learn a lot in order to survive. Growing food, hunting wildlife, avoiding dangerous areas populated with infected and scavenging ruins to get anything useful for survival. Tired of lonely and boring life, Jack now decided to conquer his fears and go out into the world, to meet and befriend other survivors, as he believes if the guy like him could survive this event, there must be someone else, willing to help.
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