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  1. Neo Hoffman was born In Sydney, Australia in 1999. Growing up there for most of his life Neo found he was very skilled as bush craft and surviving off the land. Neo is about 19 years of age and stands six feet 4 inches tall. Neo is very slender but muscularly toned. He has sleek black hair and piercing blue eyes. He had no job other to hunt and kill invasive species on farms around the area. Neo grew up a survivalist. He was born in the outback in a hot spring. He has been hunting animals since five years old picking up a rifle only at age 3. Neo is a very skilled craftsman and outdoorsman, and mostly likes to stay away from the population of people. At age 16 Neo's father was shot in the outback by a poacher thinking he was a rhino. Sadly his father dies, leaving him all alone after his mother died of cancer when Neo was four. Neo had saved up some money and decided it was time for a change of direction in his life. So he started chatting with his travel agent and told her what he wanted. He longed for a forest area with mountains and plenty of unexplored terrain. So his agent told him Chernarus would be the perfect match for him even though he would have to learn the language. Once he arrived he bought a basic kit of survival supplies with a tent and cooking arrangements and set out into the forest to set up his camp. Neo had been doing well for himself over the past year and a half, as there where plenty of animals around for food and fresh streams of water. Then one day everything changed for Neo. He was making one of his monthly trips into town and he noticed huge crowds of people running around in the city. He was skeptical at first but then decided to take a closer look. He was terrified at his findings, ZOMBIES!! just like what he has read about in books. He ran back to his base and immediately fortified. His next plans are to stay safe and meet a group of not dead people to trade with. He offers no harm unless threatened. You do not want to threaten Neo. Neo hopes to find a group of friends with different strengths so everyone plays a part when trying to survive. Neo has always been the hunter but he needs someone to spot for him and maybe a skilled farmed to keep the group sustained. Neo thinks about the big picture and if he will be alive the next day so he makes his decisions carefully. Neo is pretty peacefully and will generally surrender to a human threat because he carries essentials not luxury's in his backpack. When Neo has a reason to protect his group he will kill anything at all costs. Although Neo is a survivalist Neo will sometimes pick up very militaristic equipment as he likes to be unpredictable and untraced in the wild. Also At a young age of 15 Neo started getting into the world of Psychedelics preferably LSD and he began to like it so much that he started to become a medium scale dealer, after he stopped selling at 16 he had made around 100 thousand Aus dollars. From dealing at a young age some say he might have street smarts and know how to react to a situation as soon as it happens.
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