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  1. So my name is Harrison Daniels, I grew up in Canada but moved to LA Beautiful house in the holly wood hills! I was a lawyer made a good amount of money! Not a lot of family and friends. Just a hard worker everyday. Very boring life so Here it all began I was thinking of getting out of that place, So what i did is. I burned my own god damn house down why? you would ask. Because i just wanted it gone everything i worked for. I know that sounds stupid, but i wanted to start all over again With almost nothing... I had nothing anymore at least some penny's left. I was been thinking of going away from America for a long time to the cold lands and survive. Always loved watching movies that people were camping and surviving in the wild. I bought a little boat. And went east. I traveled very far. For days, months & years. Finally ended up in Norway i stranded there from a crash with my boat in the heavy storms of the Norwegian sea. I asked people around for help and supplies no one would help because they thought i was that lonely stupid nomad. Since America i actually was a nomad of course. So i asked people were i should go they said you should go warmer. I always responded with No No i want the cold they thought i was crazy! One day in Norway a kindly woman and told me not to go to CHERNARUS, Her name was Isabelle I asked what was going on there. She said yea there is a lot going on over there bandits, groups, apocalypses. I went to her everyday to talk a bout Chernarus. She knew alot. I asked: how do you know so much about that place! She responded with: I was there, i lived there with a big community. I asked again why are you here then? She responded with: I lived there and grew up there. I left after the rebuild of the civil war in 2009. Wow that had to be sad for you to leave.. We talked and talked. Weeks later, everyday i went. One day i told her: I have an Idea! Maybe we could go together? Isabelle: No NO! That is to dangerous for you and me.. I said no we will be fine you know i sailed for months. Isabelle: Yes that's right, maybe we should give it a chance? But we have to prepare ourselves and train & gather supplies. I said again Thank YOU! For listening to me! My big dream lets do this together we can do this. Months went by, Everyday training hard! And gathering supplies in the weekends. After some months we finally said to each other: We got this lets go we can do this, we are strong and we have the supplies. Lets travel to Chernarus And so we did! Couple weeks later traveling.. It was night time, very very dark. Dirt road between wild animals. We were chatting and drinking tea and all of the sudden we see a big light shining on our van. We stepped out of our van and said HEY! Can we help you? As we stepped out i had my gun in my back pocket for safety measures. They didn't reply so we waited, and waited.. Then we see 3 guys in black clothing walking towards us with Helmets on and guns on their back. We ask them in fear what do you need. They respond what are you doing here?.. So we replied with I wanted to come here for a long time to help the community. And Isabelle here wants to come Back! She left after the rebuild of the civil war in 2009 They replied again with you don't want to be here now there is a whole lot different now. There are infected people wandering in abandoned houses and more. We both were shocked but didn't change our minds so we said we still want to go. They said we will not let you trough! I was mad so i was very stupid and pulled my gun out on the guy that seemed the leader. They took Isabelle and threatened to kill her if i didn't leave. I said NOO! I just want to help *sadly talking*. They said we don't need your help! I wanted to take Isabelle and run away but as i was trying they killed her in front of me. I was crying in full tears as they left me with dead Isabelle on the dirt road. Another day went by I buried her next to the dirt road. Days went by. Finally i stood up and said NO i can do this i have to do this for Isabelle so i will! I will get to Chernarus and make my life like a movie and get those Bastards! So i walked and walked and finally Arrived in Chernarus
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