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  1. I was born in a small village called CTAPbIN RP I moved to the city to work in the Army who sent me to the military ships. i have two daughters , who live in my home town, called Vera and Nonna . My youngest is 8 years old and my oldest is 14 years old. my wife Anastasiya sells clothes and is a great mother to my two girls. Before the civil war i was sent to the Mediteranian Sea where i had to spend a long time to patrol unknown waters. I have four siblings, three brothers and one sister. my three brothers work inside the mines from the moment they left school. my sister is just finnishing her last year in school. she is the pride of my life along with my two daughters and is a great fun aunt to them. they aspire to be life her. our family a was very close growing up and we still all get along very well with our parents. i had a twin brother also but he passed away during childbirth. i used to play soccer and chess with my brother growing up and we used to get into all sorts of trouble. we also looked very alike so we used to play tricks on our neighbours when we were small. i met my wife while i was in school and fell in love with her straight away. i knew she would be the women i would want to marry. her mother and father were very close friends of my mom and dad and we all got on very welkl from the beggining. a few months after our wedding Anastasiya fell pregnant and we moved out of her parentrs house we had been staying in due to her being an only child and moved into our own place. it was an adventure all on our own and was a very exciting chapter in our life. a coupleof years later nonna arivved and we were a complete family i became the father figure i always wanted to be and my wife had her two babies.