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    W W W W W W

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    goals updated
  3. tossVC

    Hollows' Status Wall

  4. tossVC

    Group Implemented base too OP

    I agree. Absolutely ridiculous that a group was able to build fort nox near the highest tiered military area.
  5. tossVC


    Good luck GUYS!!!!!!!!! good group of lads
  6. tossVC

    Current Zombie Power Levels Above 9000

    Just make the headshot multiplier high and keep the same base hp/damage
  7. tossVC

    Free the boys

  8. tossVC

    • tossVC
    • duxpredator


    1. duxpredator


      Actually a saints fan, but all for the Boy bands of the NFL

    2. tossVC


      what the fuck ever

  9. tossVC


    worship is the only
  10. tossVC


    thank you for buying me bronze @Water Scooter the status updates will not be vain

  11. tossVC

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    it’s almost like we did check everyone’s inventories for meat/packs and nobody had anything!!!!
  12. tossVC

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    You all are asking us to break the rules to better your own lives. you want us to execute a hostage in an approved group (?) when we are not in one. you want us to NVFL and give you all of the cooked meat that only ONE of us had which WE DID give you when she was aware. The place was SURROUNDED with people trying to KILL US and you’re genuinely joking if you think we will give a HOSTAGE a GUN to WALK OUTSIDE AWAY from the HOSTAGE TAKERS into the nearby vicinity of THE PEOPLE TRYING TO RESCUE THE HOSTAGES. like seriously its so hard to understand the logic
  13. tossVC

    Character Section

    Yes! Two different countries, two different stories!
  14. tossVC


    @JoahVC yardy know 

    1. ChaseRP
    2. tossVC


      Traitorous bastard 😪

    3. ChaseRP


      ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

    4. OpticVC


      @ChaseRP Bad at tarkov 

    5. ChaseRP


      @OpticVC you deleted it cause you're trash

  15. tossVC

    Is 1.06 out?

    Yea bro
  16. tossVC

    CodeLocks Mod

    Removes the ability to snoop over a shoulder, or memorize the clicks and out-Smart the defender. I guess this will just have a cool keycard you can swipe and your door will open. which is made out of wood and metal wire.
  17. tossVC

    CodeLocks Mod

    This will just make bases that much more overpowered. if you don’t want your stream to see then you can put an overlay on like everyone else on planet earth.
  18. tossVC

    S1-Green Mountain-Disregard for hostage safety-/01/12/2019

    POV: I myself with my associates arrive at Green Mountain where @Red_ and @brookiehiggh talks with a man at the front gate before myself and @Andrew Jackson initiated on the front and eventually made our way inside, taking hostages. Soon after taking the hostages we begin to ransack the place for whatever we can find. We’re taking shots from the outside of the compound, we’re taking shots from the roof(?) we are basically surrounded in the compound where we were. We made attempts to try and leave the compound to get firewood but every time got shot, tried chopping down a tree but it only ended in a hostage getting killed by the rescuers in process. After awhile we tried to stuff our own meat in their pockets but I guess that didn’t work. if we left the compound to get the supplies for a fire we would have died, so we gave them our own meat but it was too late in the end.
  19. tossVC

    S1-Gear RP / Metagaming - Sevenograd

    we saw you on the road and I just said “I’m going to follow this guy stay close to me and we will rob him” as I was saying my initiation with my associate which bugged out on your end you aimed your gun at me and tried to shoot which is why you died
  20. tossVC

    S1-Gear RP / Metagaming - Sevenograd

    POV: me and my associate were traveling along the road with a solid split between the two of us, whispering over radio discussing a plan as i approached the op. I walked with him towards the fire station after hearing his story before my game crashes. I reconnect right away and meet him at the fire station, i pull my gun out and approach before my associate and myself initiate and the op aims his gun at me before I kill him.
  21. tossVC

    S1: BadRP West of Stary Sobor - 2019-11-30, 06:15

    tossVC: I was traveling with my comrades down the road when I see one of my associates talking with two people. We are in need of supplies so I initiate on the two people in the road, I move them into another secure location and proceed with the robbery. I asked them where they got to the country from and what they were doing, and who they were associated with. He said he was a chernarussian native from severo grad and we also interrogated the other man, and helped him with some medical needs. we left you with two large cooked steaks, a knife, and a sewing kit to stitch up your wounds.
  22. tossVC

    discord unban appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): n/a Why the verdict is not fair: it is fair Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: There was a new player in the discord complaining of not getting whitelisted. Everyone was joking about it and I said "yea bitch" as a joke.... What would you like to achieve with this appeal: unban from discord What could you have done better?: not have been toxic
  23. tossVC


    people be getting banned for starting roleplay nowadays 


    1. JorrdanVC


      roleplay for life

  24. tossVC

    Choose your spawnpoint

    coastal spawns sure.
  25. tossVC

    KOS - NorthWest AirField

    POV: after me and vali finish robbing a man who wishes to die afterwards we take suppressed shots from the camo building copeboy is seen with a suppressed rifle near the ammo building and is presumably shot that is my pov
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