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  1. I agree. Absolutely ridiculous that a group was able to build fort nox near the highest tiered military area.
  2. Good luck GUYS!!!!!!!!! good group of lads
  3. Just make the headshot multiplier high and keep the same base hp/damage
  4. SEA-

    1. duxpredator


      Actually a saints fan, but all for the Boy bands of the NFL

    2. tossVC


      what the fuck ever

  5. thank you for buying me bronze @Water Scooter the status updates will not be vain

  6. it’s almost like we did check everyone’s inventories for meat/packs and nobody had anything!!!!
  7. You all are asking us to break the rules to better your own lives. you want us to execute a hostage in an approved group (?) when we are not in one. you want us to NVFL and give you all of the cooked meat that only ONE of us had which WE DID give you when she was aware. The place was SURROUNDED with people trying to KILL US and you’re genuinely joking if you think we will give a HOSTAGE a GUN to WALK OUTSIDE AWAY from the HOSTAGE TAKERS into the nearby vicinity of THE PEOPLE TRYING TO RESCUE THE HOSTAGES. like seriously its so hard to understand the logic
  8. Yes! Two different countries, two different stories!
  9. @JoahVC yardy know 

    1. ChaseRP
    2. tossVC


      Traitorous bastard 😪

    3. ChaseRP


      ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

    4. OpticVC


      @ChaseRP Bad at tarkov 

    5. ChaseRP


      @OpticVC you deleted it cause you're trash

  10. Removes the ability to snoop over a shoulder, or memorize the clicks and out-Smart the defender. I guess this will just have a cool keycard you can swipe and your door will open. which is made out of wood and metal wire.
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