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  1. tosstheball

    [GAME] 400 posts before an Admin posts

  2. tosstheball

    RDM Novaya Petrovka 1/13/19

    Told them to move twice... pointed weapon pointed weapon at one of them a few minutes earlier...... dont know what else to say
  3. tosstheball

    Actual PK Suggestion!

    oh yes.... please
  4. tosstheball

    S1: NVFL/Bad RP/NLR Kabanino - 21/01/2019 23:30

    POV: I was just chillin in town with the homies and I saw the savior people aka the people who talk mad on the radio about district, gd etc so I simply turned him into Ryan and beat him up a little as interrogation. It’s obvious this should have been a pk since he didn’t give a shit about getting executed due to him knowing he wasn’t going to pk. Shitty roleplay from the reporteds side in general.
  5. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    I think even 5 deaths a week is way to much bro. Again this thread is not for perma killing characters in every roleplay situation. But it is for pking characters that get themselves into shit, get offed for it.... etc. Pretty sure I’ve already said this but most of the comments on the thread are just people not reading and replying. I shouldn’t even have included a poll in this because it serves nothing, there is no valid argument against a pk in a valid roleplay situation other than you have no drive to create another backstory, or oh shit I didn’t like that fuck everyone else’s story mine isn’t over.... an allat...
  6. tosstheball


    I don’t see how this isn’t a thing already. +1
  7. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    you bother reading the thread at all or just wanted to post some stuff
  8. tosstheball

    Dan's Revolutionary Idea

    now......now.....now this is epic ?
  9. tosstheball

    Just some chill times

    my man wesley is good man
  10. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    But not many people does that. It needs to be enforced.
  11. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    But this is directed for the entire community not just a few people?
  12. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    How old are you? Don't you roleplay to roleplay? Wouldn't it make sense that if the character was killed for very good reasons as the killer has to in order to gain kill rights they should die? I don't see the fun in playing the same character after they've died but maybe that is just me. It really hurts the dynamic of the server when the same people come up, just make a new character and start a new. I'm not trying to be rude I'm simply trying to state facts.
  13. tosstheball

    Force PK's in public executions.

    Title really says it all. For example today a certain character was shot and executed in the middle of Kabanino for being an obvious hostile figure towards another group. Multiple characters stuffed his chopped up corpse into a backpack and ate him. Not even three(?) or so hours after the same character is back to kidnapping and perma-scarring characters and starting massive firefights which eventually ended up in yet again his and his entire groups deaths. It is not realistic for these things to happen. It ruins immersion, how are stories supposed to progress if John Doe killed his cousin Niko and got executed for it, and then is back into the town after the forced NLR is over... Also this should only be forced if it was an obvious execution, not a quick stupid one... case by case. Apologies if this has already been made, discussed, or whatever I am new and just am starting to see how this affects roleplay. Thank you.
  14. tosstheball

    Addiction Mechanic

    This can be roleplayed out... don't need a mechanic that will eventually just get annoying.
  15. tosstheball

    S1 Invalid Execution/BadRP | Lopatino | 2019-01-21, 03:58

    POV: This all started in the town of Kabino when myself, and a few others. ( @Mike-Styles @TIMELAPSE @Sylva @crearbin and a few others ) Spotted a man wearing a CDF hat or whatever, so we decided to question him and eventually his life was going to be decided in a fist-fight with myself. Unfortunately Vladimir got his ass handed to him and the man was set free and he fled the town. Roughly an hour after we arrive in Lopatino to assist our allies with some internal issues within the town when we are accused of bad-mouthing some Free Territory or something along those lines and the person who did the accusing fit the exact description of the CDF Sympathizer. We found him inside of the town and instantly took him under our wing and waited out and around the church. He denies having said anything bad about myself or the group so I am handed a knife and told to cut the man up a little, I hit him a few times with the blade I was given as sort of a revenge for the beating I was given earlier. He was then taken into the church where he was questioned for a little bit. Sylva's mic is rather bugged right now so obviously that was where the 'yelling' was coming from. It was chaotic sure, though we took it seriously and went on. I believe the conversation went along that you talked shit about us yadadada and then you decide to talk more shit when we all have automatic rifles and you're tied up. Mike then proceeded to kill you under the impression that we had defense rights from the fight from earlier. This was discussed earlier in discord and I believe that it was sorted internally though I could very well be mistaken. Please do not take account my POV into others as theirs could be completely different from mine. Mike also lags out and crashes all the time so there was no combat logging or fishy stuff happening... I actually believe he connected to server two by mistake though I could be wrong.
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