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  1. tosstheball

    S1 Invalid Execution/BadRP | Lopatino | 2019-01-21, 03:58

    POV: This all started in the town of Kabino when myself, and a few others. ( @Mike-Styles @TIMELAPSE @Sylva @crearbin and a few others ) Spotted a man wearing a CDF hat or whatever, so we decided to question him and eventually his life was going to be decided in a fist-fight with myself. Unfortunately Vladimir got his ass handed to him and the man was set free and he fled the town. Roughly an hour after we arrive in Lopatino to assist our allies with some internal issues within the town when we are accused of bad-mouthing some Free Territory or something along those lines and the person who did the accusing fit the exact description of the CDF Sympathizer. We found him inside of the town and instantly took him under our wing and waited out and around the church. He denies having said anything bad about myself or the group so I am handed a knife and told to cut the man up a little, I hit him a few times with the blade I was given as sort of a revenge for the beating I was given earlier. He was then taken into the church where he was questioned for a little bit. Sylva's mic is rather bugged right now so obviously that was where the 'yelling' was coming from. It was chaotic sure, though we took it seriously and went on. I believe the conversation went along that you talked shit about us yadadada and then you decide to talk more shit when we all have automatic rifles and you're tied up. Mike then proceeded to kill you under the impression that we had defense rights from the fight from earlier. This was discussed earlier in discord and I believe that it was sorted internally though I could very well be mistaken. Please do not take account my POV into others as theirs could be completely different from mine. Mike also lags out and crashes all the time so there was no combat logging or fishy stuff happening... I actually believe he connected to server two by mistake though I could be wrong.
  2. tosstheball

    Transmittng Radio Chat through In-Game chat

    Seems like something that will just be there that close to nobody follows. though there are groups are do this...
  3. gunna be honest friends i dont think i can do another 10 days.......
  4. just don’t look for “it” and you will find “it”
  5. tosstheball

    Dev sneak-peek channel (discord)

    thank you felix
  6. tosstheball

    Add contaminated area

    tisy is actually supposed to be the contaminated zone of the game
  7. tosstheball

    Close S2 until S1 is full

    I live in California so moving the server to anywhere in Europe would destroy my hopes and dreams of becoming a stellar roleplayer. Nevertheless it should really stay up because they are on the server for one reason and it’s really just to loot up or the select few who cannot play on the server(I believe it’s hosted in central US/Canada??ion know) I don’t think adding the 8 people across the massive map of Chernarus will change much.
  8. literally just crouch and the zombies cant detect you unless you walk right infront of them not very hard
  9. tosstheball

    Operatsiya Avrora [PAMYATI] | Official Unofficial Group Thread

    new bork
  10. Don’t think you got much right to say he doesn’t care about the community/server when he’s a developer. Little unfair if you ask me.
  11. Please know that it was not my intention to 'ignore' people's request to roleplay though I thought I made it clear in-game that I really didn't want to be bothered. Nevertheless now looking back I should have said a few more common words as it's unrealistic to not know any english; and since I have made corrections to my in-game etiquette and how I roleplay. And I am going to be honest I thought I was in perfect right after already aiming my weapon after someone got in the 'personal-bubble' as you could call it though I see I was wrong. I thought saying move twice after previously showing aggressiveness would suffice though it obviously seems like it doesn't. I apologize and can go ahead and say this is a bad one on me.
  12. I will basically say here what I said to the staff members in discord directly after the event. My character is a very nice man straight outta' Chernogorsk so obviously his english is not very good so that is how I have been roleplaying. Nevertheless, I sprint onwards towards Noveya after all the mates got offline and I heard lots of gunshots in the plaza. I sprint over after getting the shit beaten out of me by some infected so I see the first person and say, "Bandage! Bandage!" And after he bandaged me, I waved and walked off. Afterwards it seems like the entire population of Noveya began to follow me. I didn't say anything and just kept walking, though I made it very clear my character did not speak english by the only four words I said was "Do not speak english" and that was it. They followed me out of town, around the town, back into town, and eventually into and on top of the school. I climb up on the ladder and began to act as if my character is taking photos and notes of the new compound he discovered. The two american wonder heroes then basically corner me on the roof. One of them blocks the ladder, the other one circles around and continue to ask me to say words my character doesn't know. "do not speak english" once more were the only words I was saying, and they continued to crack jokes such as "that is a far jump, better do it, he's really thinking about it!" And after I literally shouted "Move" twice to the man blocking the ladder he refused. Earlier in the encounter the same man got close and I aimed a weapon at him, so obviously there is no reason they should be following around a man who stated he doesn't speak english and has a fully loaded automatic weapon in his hands though that is beyond me. After pacing around a few more seconds I took the "no" and the solid few minutes of blocking my only exit and pacing around me, following me I lit them both up, slid down the ladder before I was glocked by the third guy I forgot about. Nevertheless, I don't think I did anything wrong due to the fact that I asked him to move twice, only said 6 english words in total... Willing to answer anymore questions.
  13. Vladimir was born in Chernogorsk, Chernarus into a rather small family in the harsh year of 1994. The economy was at an all time low, though that didn't affect Vladimir and his family as he was always poor. His father worked a local fishers market located in the center of town, while his mother worked in a washer located in a village north of Chernogorsk. Vladimir only went to school for the first few years of his childhood until he went to work with his father in the market. He didn't earn much pay besides a meal for dinner and an additional few coins in his father's check. Nevertheless, Vladimir was an obedient child and always listened to those above him. Once he reached his young adolescent years his mother fell terribly ill and was bedridden which resulted in his father finding a second job to work for the same hours. Vladimir saw his father twice, maybe three times a week after he was forced to take care of his sick mother. Though this would all change at the start of great civil war in the late 2000's. The entire nation was sent under chaos and civilians were scattering all over the lands. Though, Vladimir could never simply bring his sick mother to safety so he decided to leave her and fetch some sort of transportation. Obviously things did not go as planned and once he returned roughly three days later, he found his mother dead on the floor and his house completely looted. It was a shocker to say the least though he knew he'd die if he remained there, so he and a friend took to the mountains and lived out their days. Eventually he figured he was on his own, living by the lands and nothing much else to say the least...
  14. Kyle Lumbargus was born in the slums of New York City, New York in 1999 during the end of a rather scary economic time in the majority of the city. Kyle's block was one of the main sections where a piece of bread was 11.45$, nevertheless he was poor and that never changed. He stuck to where he could really do whatever he wanted to do; the streets. Throughout his childhood he roamed the streets with the majority of his school friends and play ball, kick the can, and other small local sports they could play. Never having a full stomach is something every one of those kids could say happened to them, though they were thankful for anything he could. Kyle wanted to get his family out of the ghetto so he strived to achieve in school to get a great job, make lots of money and move. Though things never go to plan, his youngest brother was killed in a cross-fire during a shootout between street gangs. Kyle entered his freshman year of highschool already on the verge of graduating. After the news of a prodigy within the neighborhood something changed, and most if not all the violent shootings stopped. Nevertheless, Kyle was offered a scholarship to travel to a smaller leveled university in a larger city located in and around Povryly in the north of Czech Republic. He went to school during his first few months though didn't last very long, the sickness soon spread from it's origin.... and all hell broke loose. Kyle knew his way around the streets like old times, though not around here....
  15. This actually looks great, looks like a real apocalypse. I know there is a no workshop saying though this really should be considered