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  1. The UMP is garbage, so is the SG5 K. Against zombies is fine but players its trash. Might just be me tho
  2. Mark Page is the notorious hooligan of Cardiff City Football Club. Page grew up in a poor family in a council house in the "shit" suburbs of Cardiff. Mark never did well in school and got kicked out before he could even start his GCSE'S. He would always cause trouble to his fellow students and teachers. His father, before he died from cancer, said "There's one thing you should do in your life...And that's to stand your ground and FIGHT! Never give up even if they have the upper hand" This struck home to Mark and has lived by this rule ever since. The only mates he had were from the Cardiff City Football Club (CCFC) Canton Stand. This is where all his mates and himself would go watch EVERY football game and go drink a cheeky pint. At the end of the football game, Mark and his gang would go round to the away stand to start some scraps and fights against the away fans. Mark has been arrested multiple times for assault but that doesn't stop him from getting into his spiritual home, The City Stadium. Anyhow, there was an upcoming away game against FC Spartak Moscow in Moscow. Mark and his mates booked tickets to go see the match. They decided to get there a few days early to spend some time drinking around Moscow. The day of departure, Mark and his friends got to the airport but Mark was denied entry on the plane due to his violent behaviour and his past police record. Mark said he would work this out and told his friends to board the plane without him. After getting kicked out of the airport. Mark called a good friend of his who owned a few small planes. He asked massive favour of asking for a lift to Moscow on one of his planes. His friend accepted. Later that day they departed from a local airport on route to Moscow for the 6-hour flight. About four hours into the flight, the small plane started to rattle and was entering in some turbulence. OUt of nowhere, a bolt of lightning strikes the plane and causes the engine to cut out. Next thing you knew the small plane was in a storm without an engine and plummeting at 150mph. The pilot panicked and tried everything he could to get the plane working again. But before you knew it the plane impacted the sea. We both fell unconscious. Some unknown amount of time pasts and Mark finds himself in the plane wreckage on his own on the coast of Chernarus.
  3. What do you think of Tottenham?
  4. POV: I had travelled from Vybor up to Green Mountain to meet @Phelps69 . I was making my way up the hill, I spot a group of about 20 people. I approach them, I speak for a while with them and with @Phelps69 . While talking, I overhear a guy saying "that's why I hate English people" After I said something (Don't remember what I said exactly but it wasn't hostile at all). So I decided to confront them. Since myself and my character speaks french I started to speak french to them and told them in English "I could be French if you prefer it". After a positive conversation. I said that I was leaving and I kissed one of the guys on the cheek since that is a greeting in France. He did not react well to and instantly offered me to a fist fight. I ran away knowing very well that I would lose since every fistfight I've been I have lost. He chased me around, I kept on asking him to stop but he shouted at me calling me a faggot and what not. After a while all the rest of the people got the man to stop chasing me and I thought it was resolved. (While I was being chased @Phelps69 tried to protect me by fighting back at the guy who was chasing me) Nothing much happens for a little bit, me and Phelps walk into the compound and start chatting with the others there. Except that the Russian group wasn't finished with Phelps and wanted to talk to him. @Phelps69 can be seen in the video saying "it's settled I've apologised" This is talking about the guy he fought (the one I kissed). This whole time I was on the radio (discord with Phelps). He had told me that he had chatted to the guy and apologised. Hence his statement in the video. But the other Russians, who weren't caught in the fight but were affiliated with the guy in the fight decided to take it further I wanted to take Phelps with them. Just before the video (one linked above), The Russians were already hating on @Phelps69 simply because his character was black. They used the N-word, Monkey, referenced Africa, "I hate Foreigners" and all sorts. I know racism isn't a bannable offence, but in this video, it was very excessive. You can even check for logs, as I had typed in OOC, That it was stupid and edgy. They're Racism didn't contribute to any good RP. And it had triggered me so much that they kept on being racist, simply for being racist. So when they initiated on both of us I gave up and just shot him because he was an asshole. I know that was wrong because I wasn't valuing my life at all, and I knew I had no chance of surviving but at the time I couldn't care less about my loot or for the value of RP. But I didn't want to be apart of this. I know I broke the rules, and I'm sorry about that. I shouldn't have reacted the way I did, there were other ways I could've made this better. There is one thing I would like to add. After I had been killed. I was still on the radio with @Phelps69 . Once they took him, hostage, they searched him for radios and so he muted and deafened himself for a while. After easily 30 mins of silence, @Phelps69 undeafened himself and said that he was still alive but they took all of his stuff. The first thing he said was " These guys are racist" He explained to me how they called him a monkey and how he smelled and what not. This pissed me off simply again for the fact it was just edginess. The people being racist to him have no idea if @Phelps69 was black in real life. As said earlier I know this is not against the rules, but in this situation, it had been excessive. I'm pretty sure that Phelps has a recording of this abuse. Overall, I'm sorry that I acted poorly. I should've of valued my life more. But I still stand strong that these Russian guys were racist and IMO it was bad RP. You can be Nationalist and not Racist. This was simply just excessive.
  5. In the Dayz Launcher, go into parameters, choose profile name, and correctly type your active's character name. It is case sensitive. Make sure you tick the box before you join the server. ?
  6. @Banshee No, it's okay. I'll take your word for it. I mean with your status in the community I doubt you would risk RDM. Don't worry about it. Sorry for wasting your time. Was just salty at the time thinking I had just been RDM'D ? .
  7. Server and location: S1 Vybor Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 07/01/2019 20:16 GMT Your in game name: Paul Blues Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Logs will show Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: Walking around vybor knowing there were people around, i see a guy with a Mosin with camo netting running towards me. I run away because i didn't want to risk losing my gear and i didn't want to bother RPing with people who were most likely bandits. So I ran. I get caught up and slowed down by a zombie so the guy with the camo Mosin catches up and so do two of his friends. They speak to me a tiny bit but i wanted to get out of there and so i started running. As im running they say "follow me" in which too i reply no thanks and now i start to sprint. Next thing you know after nothing being said after i kept on running, I get shot and die.
  8. My name is Paul Blues but everyone calls me Pablo, I was just your normal suburban father who lived with his wife and kids in the small city of Krasnoyarsk. I was an ex-Pilot for the French Air force (Armee de l'air). I flew for 4 years, did a couple tours in Indochina but was decommissioned due to an accident that caused my eyesight to be poor. The accident happened during a physical army drill where we needed to raid a safe house, a comrade of mine threw a flashbang that hit a wall and landed at my feet. It caused permanent damage to my eyesight. I was unable to see for 2 weeks, but I have recovered my vision but it is no longer 20/20. With compensation, I decided to take me and my family on a holiday around the world. In the last week of our holiday in Georgia, We decided to take a boat trip in the black sea. We spent 2 days on the sea and on the second night the wind started to pick up. In the space of a few minutes, we were in the middle of a massive storm. I and my family grouped together, holding each other tight. The boat sustained severe damage and one wave caused the boat to flip over. We got out safely out of the boat but strong currents caused us to be separated. After a couple hours at sea, I arrived on the coast of Chernarus.
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