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  1. Yury Komarov is a 29-year-old male born in northern South Zagoria, he grew up as the only child of a working-class family, both of his parents were factory workers. In his teenage years, he became a low-level criminal often resorting to stealing to bring a bit more money home. After becoming an adult he was recruited into the Chernarussian Movement of the Red Star as an enforcer. Yury would a year later become involved in the September crisis and participated heavily into the conflict until the group was mostly dissolved by the end of the civil war. Yury kept ties with former Chedaki members after the war but mostly kept low to avoid capture or identification by the government. Yury began working in a factory and attempted to rebuild his life away from crime and conflict and stayed under the radar of law enforcement for several years. In May 2017 as the breakout began happening Yury attempted to regain contact with Chedaki members to form a group in order to defend themselves to no avail. He would go on to survive on his own with some old weaponry he kept from the civil war. More than a year later Yury re-located himself to Southern South Zagoria in the Chernarus region, a place which he was informed had a presence of several small cells of former Chedaki members. Yury now does his best to survive and still hopes to reunite with Chedaki members whom he considers his brothers.