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  1. Niel came to chernarus just before the outbreak happened, The Higher ups in his platoon told him that it would be an easy deployment. Basically he was to go there and assist in Domestic operations acting as sort of a National Guard Soldier providing relief to the public. When the outbreak hit He was trapped in a bunker that had been overrun with the Zombies. His whole squad volunteered to stay behind and keep the undead busy while the rest of his platoon boarded choppers and pulled out. The rest of his squad died, 6 men including him stayed to fight off the Zeds and he alone survived. He has no idea how. He thought for sure that the Zeds where going to finish him off, he barricade himself in his quarters with one final mag of ammo in his M4 and prepared too go out fighting if they broke the door down. The Zed Siege went on for hours to the point that the stress and fatigue and adrenaline he had experience during the initial fighting overwhelmed him and he fell asleep. When he woke, he was alone. The Zeds had moved further away from the bunker he was in and apparently had forgotten him. He gathered up an old backpack, his rifle, an extra mag or 2 and his fatigue jacket and made a break for the woods bordering the base. The zombies didn't notice him this time or at least he never looked back too see if they did. He just ran. He ran until he ran out of food, He ran until he ran out of ammo, He ran until his rifle broke. He ran until all he had left was the clothes on his back. He ran too the shore. He has no idea what to do now. His friends are either gone or dead or undead. He has nobody looking for him, no home to go back to, nothing. He tries to be brave and be a good person, but He misses his brother and sister, they stayed behind in the states when he went on deployment so he hasn't seen them sense. He has resigned himself for now to taking things one day at a time as that's all he can think to do. The army taught him to improvise adapt and overcome.
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