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  1. Markus grew up in an secluded area with only an abusive, drunken father as family who besides beating Markus frequently only ever taught him the craft of hunting and survival. Prone to being by himself and nature he never really managed to hold down any relationships or jobs throughout his life. Sticking to living out in the woods, where he feels at home. Markus is a calm, quiet and collective person who while on the outside might seem nice has a deep, hidden, unreleased rage that has been building up throughout his entire life and a despisement towards mankind as a whole. Seeing the end of the world almost as karma for how mankind has treated earth and eachother. Having survived on a ship with a group of survivors arriving towards Chernarous eastern shores, he keenly volunteered to join the scouting party heading there in a lifeboat to be able to wander about on solid ground again. Didn't take long for the party to get swarmed and Markus soon found himself to be the sole survivor and forced to retreat inland. Managing to find his way to the coast again at a later stage the ship was gone and he has been wandering ever since...
  2. Ivan Salo, 29 year old Swedish citizen with Autism from Malmö, Sweden with Finnish heritage on his mother side but with very little to no knowledge to the Finnish language as it was never taught to his mother and therefore not spoken in his household as he grew up. Except for the occasional error in his grammar, he is fluent in English. Ivan is a passive and very empathetic person who puts others survival and well being equal to that of his own, if not even higher. Since the outbreak he has only ever had to kill one person in self defense and that still haunts him to this day. He cares about his fellow man even if they are strangers to one another. More so now in a time when the modern civilized world has come to an end and the population decreases ever so rapidly due to the infection. He would without hesitation give his last food, water or bandage to help another human in need. Ivan is an observant, honest and at times, quiet person who thinks before he acts or talks. Ivan does not hold any expertise in any particular area really. After he finished the Swedish equivalent to that of College, he has drifted in between jobs such as store clerk, customer support and other various part time jobs, trying to find his place in society. When the outbreak hit he was on vacation in Turkey with his mother, father, brother and his brothers wife. All of whom, except for him, died trying to flee Istanbul. He found refuge on a boat together with a man named Goran, a Bosnian national who had been sailing the Mediterranean that year. Together with Goran, he has since his escape from Istanbul been sailing along the Northern coast of Anatolia in the Black sea, going ashore only to resupply before they headed back out to sea and further East. Not long ago Goran passed due to his old age in his sleep and with not much knowledge in sailing, Ivan soon found himself in trouble getting caught in a storm. He wakes up on a shore in a country he does not recognize with no idea where he is.
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