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  1. JippaSWE

    Friend Appreciation Thread

    Tack @NozzyRP
  2. Max Petrov, Born in Primorsk, Chernarus 1968 on a august evening as the fall was approaching with haste, as was the downfall of the Soviet Union, which Chernarus was apart until the resolution 1991. Both his parents were hard working citizens. His father, Maxim Petrov, was a train driver transporting cargo throughout Chernarus whilst Maxs mother, Agata Petrov, worked with elderly care. Growing up as the only child had it's perks for Max, most families had 4-6 members, thus making every single diam matter a great deal to make sure everyone was fed. The Soviet Union was slowly crumbling which made life harder. But Max was blessed in that matter. His father had a reputation to be a man of his word but also a man with few words, nor did he complain ever, "life is hard then you die" was a standard phrase used by Maxim. Agata, Maxs mother, had the most gracious heart and was the true warmth of Maxes childhood, she used to tell him that he was as rough and tough as his father but deep within, she knew he had his heart in the right place, just as his father had. Growing up his father took him under his wing and trained him to become a train driver just like himself, in those day sit was an absolute necessity to have a training and skill of some sort. Working with his father since being a boy to know being a young man, the year was now 1988, the fall of the soviet regim was not far away. As the end was coming Maxim felt secure enough to let his son in on a secret. The truth of his father was that he had been apart of some local resistens for many years, Maxims part in the matter was not a dramatic one, he simply gave information to this comrades what type of cargo was being transported. A few sabotages every and now then, causing engine errors for locomotives etc. Being involved with his fathers resistens and contribution to the fall of the Soviet Union made him his nationalism to grow rapidly and 1991 the dream of being free from the tyrants became a reality. With the creation of their new country Max felt obligated to serve his country, restoring peace and order, his patriotism went well with new establishment. Thus making Max quite the prominent member of the Chernarus Police Department. The Move 2009 was a year of great distress for this newly formed and established country - The civil war. The partisans, not surprising, being communists spread the fear throughout the region, Max was due to this relocated to the region of South Zagoria and it's Russian border... With the repelling and defeating the rebells, Max Military Policing was over and he could return to his former policing and service, but he would not return to Primorsk but stay in South Zagoria. Love had struck Max and blessed his life, they had a happy and thriving life together until that one day.... To be contiuned...
  3. @[email protected] Savage Hello boys!! Just write @Goaa PM and take it from there and I'm sure you will come to agree on something Having a IC backstory like being an ex-medic and so on is a great start IMO.
  4. JippaSWE


    Liking your NATO updates! Regards from a fellow NATO brother
  5. "do you know who I am?!" Was that dude DayZRP's version of Ronnie Pickering?!
  6. JippaSWE

    Cherno Camp From Above

    Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder at it's finest !!
  7. Ingmar Bergman is back!! Jokes aside - your videos is always a good laugh @NozzyRP Keep them coming and never forget what the man in Vellinge would say
  8. My condolences to the victims' relatives and everyone else affected. It scares me how people can extinguish the light of others just like that. An act of evil can never be justified, evil exists only because we are created with free will, we always have a choice regardless of the consequences, a will to do right from wrong. May they rest in peace!
  9. I really hope you guys are stubborn and keeping going, this is a sort of faction just like the UN that fits very well to the setting and theme of the game! Keep it as realistic as possible regarding the structure and rank system, don't make it so that every second person is a officer on the higher scale, such as colonel, major, generals, you get my point Since being so few at this stage you should RP being group members out of a company, also give everyone their rolls such as medics, riflemen, drivers, support, etc Here's a UN company structure chart to just give you an idea what I'm talking about, other then that I wish you very well and hope you don't give up on this! And this second chart shows the structure of a UN Battalion (consists of 300-800 soldiers) Also, note the numbers of officers in regards of how many soldiers there is! Best of wishes, hope to see you grow!
  10. JippaSWE

    Operation Molotok [RP-PvP] - Lore Event

    Character Name: Ben Andersson Specialty(medic, rifleman, etc): Artillerist Which Lore Faction?: CDF Lore Faction staff?: (?) Group Name: N/A Primary Phase: 4 Reserve Phase: 1
  11. My Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. GO GET THAT BOOBOO !!!
  12. Jippa in 2014/2015 How did you look 5 years ago?
  13. JippaSWE

    Frank's Voyage

    Once you go FRANK you don't go back !
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