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  1. You have to wait for the support team members to look at it before you can explain it
  • GorrilaGlue33

    S1- NVFL - West Evac 05/04/2019

    Server and location: Server 1, West Evac up by Sinistok the most NW corner of the map Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Day time? GMT 10:25-10:30am Your in game name: Bruce Parker Names of allies involved: None Name of suspect/s: Unknown Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: As I was just getting ig i was killing some zombies at west evac and this guy inside the little gated tents area told me to put my weapon on the ground, after a few minutes of de-escalating we put both our weapons on our backs and come out, we went through the tents together as he tells me he has a want for a AKM, After we looted the tents he tells me hes heading south, we say our goodbyes and whilst hes in the open and im behind cover with my SKS aimed at him i tell him to put his weapon, vest and backpack on the ground. I yelled at him several times to not pull his weapon, my weapon was pointing at him clear as day. He then said "okay man okay" and ran off into the tents and pulled his weapon, to which point i retreated out of the compound cause he had an automatic, This guy rushed me with his M4 as I was able to get afew shots on him, I couldnt find time to reload and he shot and killed me. There was NVFL committed as my weapon was literally aimed at his head and the sort of time period where youd have a chance to pull your weapon with a conception of no NVFL had passed. This guy was working with a russian accent, He had full gorka E, what i believe was an Alice backpack, gork e helmet, plate carrier, M4A1 and FNX45, he also had a very croaky russian accent.
  • GorrilaGlue33

    S1 - RDM - Kabanino - 18:30 14-3-2019

    I stayed literally on top of the body and right next to the same road and no one admittedly arrived and it was becoming night on the server, At night my frames dramatically decrease therefore the reason why I did not stay, ***DISCLAIMER***im not sure if your wanting me to use a template but underneath this disclaimer i will write a follow up about what happened*** So i was just rolling through Kabanino to meet a friend i was on radio with named Rickets, He was still on his way to Kabanino by the time id got there, I encountered Jackfish afew times through town just basic passing through chatter etc. As i went up the dirt road jackfish came right behind me coming from the Green House (Mustache) house, He was asking me why i broke into the Mustache house which had been made a into a base with metal walls around it, I personally tend to stick away from bases. As I was alone it seemed like some sticky business if i was to have no one help me, I I said no i didnt, This back and forth arguing continued for a few mins and then he just said "I'll be telling the green dragons about this", I became rather pissed off and alarmed at the fact he was taking it this far, he was creating a shitty situation based off his own opinion, no facts no nothing and i get confused whether to look at stuff like this in a roleplay aspect because I know to yet if that situation was to carry out i feel that it would cause a out of game report. He started walking away from me and he already had his scar out, My plan was to initiate on him in truth but i was going to wait until I was in a better position because without him being in a killing field or in a situation where I had the jump i knew i wouldn't win, As he walked away and clearly stated in the video I say "Are ye gonna talk to me like a man or fuck off like a pussy" or something along those lines, As i said pussy a second or two passes and my dazed confusement kicks in I hear him go "Here he is" and he raises his weapon and fires, after watching his VOD i see his weapon was pointed at the sky but in my view it was only just higher than my head, my like air plane mode kicked in and i killed him, I understand I was in the wrong and If i am to still play here (ive got a lot of ppl sayin im gonna get banned) i will make efforts to exercise my RP more.
  • GorrilaGlue33

    S1 - RDM - Kabanino - 18:30 14-3-2019

    I was the shooter in this situation heres my evidence towards the conflict, Just schitzed out when he shot.
  • GorrilaGlue33

    Malcom Grey Ban Appeal

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: So ive only just came back to DayZ RP today, I do remember this situation though. I was online with "Theodore" Phelps, But i was not with him in game, he was with someone we had planned to recruit into the grey family. I looked back through all my recordings and such but to free room in my PC i do delete what i haven't clipped every month cause i do a lot of recording. I tried to get in touch with Phelps about the incident yet he has me blocked on discord, steam and according to a gent called marcoddonna who is someone Phelps and I used to play with, Phelps doesnt play much dayZ anymore and spends time on Apex legends so he was unavailable to verify this. They had told me they were robbing someone but that was at alter, If i remember correctly i was in Vybor when this happened just coming south as I had been to NW. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: I'd like to think that Ive handled my reports very well in the past, I mean id like to think im good with role play as I've only ever had one report and in such report, I took time and made a video of the situation, I completely explained every point I had and was very apologetic as it was a rigorous situation. This is the link to that one report. I had left the game DayZ in total when this report was made. I decided to take a break til the winter map was removed, I did not purposely skive a player report. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I would like to be un-banned on DayZ RP, I understand why the ban was put in place but at the same time im back now so i believe it should be removed. What could you have done better?: I could have still been playing dayZ ?
  • GorrilaGlue33

    S1 : Invalid Kill (On sight) | Kabinino | 21:25

    Hi ! I have spoken to Jamie in discord about presenting my footage as i was recording for about 50 mins inside this one lil clip then I cut it in half and it was still 20 mins long so Ive made like a lil pre meditated video of me explaining everything. But in shorter terms unlike the video. I was in a situation at the time which started at around 20 past nine. Me killing Allison Bell was my complete fault as I didn't identify my target properly and got mistaken as Allison was wearing full black and a courier bag yet I thought he was wearing the same clothing as the person I wanted to shoot which was this guy. After that as will show in the video. I lapped right round and attempted to find my captive comrade and in the mists another armed man approached not talking very much so I did drop him. I thought he was with this Irish man as well This is the video evidence. I do personally apologise for the situation gentlemen i do want you to understand that my attitude towards this community is rather serious in a thought that I did not intend to break any rules. PS the lad i was chatting with in some of these clips died and was to my knowledge out of game therefore I dont see any meta gaming conflictions either
  • Big Bruce as they called him, was just doing another job nothing out of the ordinary nothing he couldn't handle with everything he'd seen. He was a enforcer for the rich. He very usually would just use scare tactics which he had of course mastered. His penetrable looks could scar all and when he does have to be physical his earlier victims who have decided to fight back can only describe him as a daunting experience. They'd of course be saying this whilst stitched up or having some part of them dis-membered. Bruce knew about all the kicking off in Chernarus but he simply thought it was just some sort of civil war. He never gave any interest in anything other than London, Money and his own which was nothing in this day in age. It was some Russian veteran this client. He owed one of Bruce's good friends a figure coming off 7 digits and if Bruce could get him to pay up he got 25%. Enough was said. Bruce left Krasnostav Airport at around 6 in the morning, He was already on his way back by 1 in the afternoon. But something wasn't right. People were fighting in the streets, small arms fire could be heared every half an hour. None of this fazed Bruce if anything it just pissed him off more. He eventually got through customs at Krasno Airport and awaited at his gate. He awoke to several heavily armed Russian men howling in his face. They ripped through Bruces suitcase to find afew black suits. They dragged him out of the airport threw a small bag with some contents at him and then the Russian man knowing any english told him to "Fuck Off back to the Beaches". Not knowing what this meant and too burdened to bother Bruce went back to the house of the client he'd just bent up like a pretzel under the cover of darkness. After Bruce explained what had happened one of the veterans children, a teenage lad. Pulled a makarov on Bruce and cracked 2 shots into his shoulder. Bruce jumped out a window and ran off as the rest of this Russian family chased after him. As Bruce made a escape he saw a rather large city and made his way to a big sign just before the city. "Novodmitrovsk". As Bruce read the sign he feel unconscious and stayed passed out all night long. The sharp European wind caught him early in the morning and "Novo" upon him. Was in absolute ruins. He staggered towards the desolate city and this would be the begging of his journey.
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