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  1. MenWithSkirts

    PC Specifications

    Nice set up man I have pretty much a down graded version swapping the 8350 with a 6300 Oc'd and a 7870 instead of the 7950 it was a cheap build but it runs cool and crisp so I have no complaints. How have you found the 7950 minus the cooling issues ? Overall it's a really solid card. If anyone can pick one up cheap i'd definitely recommend one
  2. MenWithSkirts

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    I need a GUID reset for Standalone please. Thanks // Red: SA GUID Reset.
  3. MenWithSkirts

    PC Specifications

    - AMD FX-8350 oc'ed to 4.6ghz - Corsair H80i closed loop cooling system - 8GB Corsair Vengeance 1866mhz DD3 RAM - MSI Twin Frozr III HD7950 gpu - 120GB SSD - Windows 7 - BitFenix Shinobi ATX Case - Corsair HX850w PSU With 3 Corsair af120's as intake and 2 af140's for exhaust. I Really Like Corsair Products I used to have xfire hd7950's but one was a faulty model and overheats like a madman, and the other is following suit So now i'm thinking of picking up a GTX970 to replace it.
  4. MenWithSkirts

    DayZ Standalone Update 2

    It's a pity sandalone went down this route, might be very damaging to communities like this one. Oh well, I'll see you guys on the server on Friday! (payday haha)
  5. MenWithSkirts

    Favorite spawn location?

    I quite like Kamenka. Well if i don't get shot/initiated on within the first 10 minutes...
  6. Name: Ronald "Moss" Purvis Age: 61 Birth location: Odessa, Texas, USA Height: 5'11" Weight: 178 lbs Hair: Grey Eyes: Brown Pre-Outbreak Profession: High School Teacher - History. Keen hunter. Demeanor in Three Words: Wise, Trustworthy, Disciplined.
  7. Wow, that is some amazing work. I really like the farming plots on it, makes sense that people would be growing their own food instead of living on Heinz Beanz.
  8. Okie dokie. Thanks for the swift reply If a moderator could close this please.
  9. Just wondering would be able to reclaim your gear if you accidentally fell to your death during non-combat RP? Or would that be breaking the NLR?
  10. I'd say no, mainly because the gun itself is a variant of the M4 which the server has plenty of. Add the fact that it's British made (and the standard rifle for the UK is LA85A2) the odds of actualy finding one in Chernanus would be very slim. RP wise anyway
  11. MenWithSkirts

    A blood stained document found on an unknown soldier.

    Interesting, the hand print suggests a child has handled it?
  12. I once spent a few hours fixing up a pickup i found. To then drive it straight into a tree and get it stuck *facepalm*
  13. Hello all who are reading this! MenWithSkirts here, real name Ron and i hail from the sunny *cough* land of Scotland. I have been playing DayZ for the past month and after getting rather sick of the lack of player interaction aside from "pew pew pew gimme yir lootz!" i found out about the DayZRP servers. I have been a keen role-player in other games such as World Of Warcraft; Dungeons & Dragons and LotR: Online, also single player games such as TES:Oblivion and Skyrim. I believe it adds to the immersion of the game you are playing and also it's just plain more fun . Hopefully see everyone in the forests and cities of Chernarus if my application is successful, so until then keep warm and try not to become infected!