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  1. odin skyborn 19 years and was going to Chernarus before the plage to meet friends odin is looking to go to College in Chernarus he is tall and skinny white and is know for being a good man but is looking to be in the Military he looked to join the US army but he could not but he look in to the Marines odins father knows a man that is in the Marine he told odin to look in Chernarus to find him odins dad did not give him a name when the plague started odin and his friends freaked out and they started to leave they all ran odin and his friends get separate odin keep running and did not look back he learned from the CDF that Marine are still in Chernarus and are still living and helping people so odin set out to find them and make himself useful as odin looked to find the Marines and take his time to learn as much as he can to make it to the place that the CDF told odin were the Marines were last seen so odin set out to look in the lands as odin started to look for things to find the Marines
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