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  1. The way i've always seen it zombies are such a threat because of the amount of them, they aren't exactly these elite killing machines just instead mindless beasts that are able to over run an enemy but can still be quickly slaughtered. Its just to unbelievable right now that i could kill a human with a plate carrier far easier than i could 1 or 2 undead beasts after years of decomposition.
  2. As of now the zombies feel more like bullet sponges than anything else. The current way that they are configured makes using civilian weapons and pistols impractical and only encourages players to seek out military type weaponry as its the only real way to fight back. Rounds like .45 ACP are powerful rounds in close range and it makes no sense for them to be a 2 shot head shot on a zombie. Another example can be seen with weapons like the Mosin requiring more than a single shot to kill a zombie. seeing as it has been years since the beginning of the apocalypse and the county of Livonia would have fairly high humidity it makes no sense for the zombies not to have broken down and as such softened up a little. The zombies are deadly by themselves when in large groups like in towns and have no real need to take multiple hits. I think it would greatly improve playablility if the zombies were weakened to there base game stats as this would encourage people to utilize the less military orientated firearms that most characters would not know how to use lore wise.
  3. I have been thinking more and more about the upcoming map and am super excited that the new map will be more overgrown as well as push players to take up activities like hunting more. However one issue that i see as a issue for players to come is that of the tan ghille suits that are currently made when crafted instead of the green ones. These tan suits offer no practical value and just push players away from using ghilles as they just expose them even more due to the tan not blending in. I think it would make more sence if the ghilles when crafted just went to there green state automatically and as such still offered some value. Ghilles are an excellent way for players to camouflage themselves and make for really cool objectives for players that want a more earth and rough n' tumble type feel to their character such as would be expected of a hunter living in the woods or a survivor who has covered themselves in bushes to try and sneak up on a herd of elk they heard one day.
  4. While in Zelenogorsk we had began to look search the town, at which time we met several people all of which we asked to follow us as we would escort them to the fire station for questioning should they permit. It had become apparent that slowly the woodline to the north and north east was becoming populated by unknown people with mosins and other higher caliber rifles. They began to scope in on us and for the following 10 or so minutes watched from a distance with rifles aimed at us. A man with a pink armband was walking through a felid to which i and lokaota approached to ask if he was with the green mountain folks of whom wear the same armband. I quickly noticed a man in a green poncho staring me down with a rifle aimed at me so i went to go talk to him at which time he had dissapered into the woods and i met another fellow. Moments after saying hi to him gunshots came from the trees and over the radio i was told people had been shot. I fleed to a nearby hillside to circle round and try to provide support at which time i was unable to as there was no way to identify any targets. No contact was made with any of the parties presumed to have attacked us and none of the attackers wore any type of armband or anything showing they might be part of a group. Furthermore at no time was anyone that we did have contact with held up or confronted as they had all come with us by there own will.
  5. *Jager feebly drags himself across the ground to a radio laying atop a pile of the contents he once held in his bag. He speaks with a terrible faintness in a way that would make clear he has suffered a terrible blow to the face. As he clings to life and stuffs what few bandages he can find into the gash -that once held his upper skull and front teeth and takes one last bandage around his jaw and face alike.* "Crusader 1-1 down. N-n-need medical assistance. Above the meeting spot by 2 clicks." *He pulled the cap from his epinephrine pen and would proceed to inject himself as a last ditch to fight back against the darkness consuming his vision.* "Protocol Romero failed. The package was compromised. " *He began to mutter* “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the lea........." *The blood loss would begin to take a further hold on him as he felt his grip on the radio loosen. His blood soaked hand would lose its ability to hold the PTT button as he began to allow his body to fall slump onto the bag he had propped himself against.*
  6. I loved my old loot but I think it’s time we restart and move from here. This restart had lead to more rp then I’ve had in the last 2 weeks combined.
  7. Meeting and getting to work alongside you was one of my favorite Rp experiences, you’ll be missed. RIP Chip
  8. @Onyx Sorry ive been sick and havnt gotten to responding. No one in the call was recording. Looking back on it all it was probably my fault for not hearing them I will just be sure to up my overall game volume in the future. I am sorry for any issues i may have caused.
  9. i was able to hear any attempts at interaction up until the gunshots nearing me while still inside of the container. Because of this, I rushed out as I had no idea what was happing.
  10. Server and location: Server 1 tent city NWAF Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-05-22, 21:36 Your in game name: Jager Muller Names of allies involved: none Name of suspect/s: unknown killed immediately before anything could be said Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): none Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): discord call i was in was able to hear entirety of my audio Detailed description of the events: I was in then city NWAF sitting in a container crate when I began to walk out with my USG-45 in hand. I was immediately shot once causing me to bleed before being yelled at to drop my gun. I still facing away from the man dropped went to activate to surrender emote while in which I was killed mid-animation. I was unable to screen record due to the nature of the event occouring so fast.
  11. *Jager fixed his jump equipment to himself before reaching for his radio fresh with new batteries. His thickly gloved hands would move the dial switch activating his short range transceiver. Arising from the seat of his CMV-22b he glanced to the jumpmaster signaling they were ready.* Jager: “Crusaders rise, affix jump gear, sound off upon completion” *The red jump light now illuminating the small interior lit the men the dark sky. Slowly the ramp would creep to a level position revealing the rainy abyss awaiting them.* Jumpmaster: “22 minutes till jump” *The jumpmaster continued to mutter into his mic as the pilots moved into there holding pattern above the jump zone* Crusader 2: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump Crusader 3: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump Crusader 4: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump Crusader 5: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump Crusader 6: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump Crusader 7: Jump gear affixed and readied for jump *The grizzled men stood a front Jager, weapons readied, pure adrenaline flowing through their veins, and parachutes weighing down there backs like the sacks of rocks they would ruck in training. He had never been more confident as he knew no matter what he would face they were prepared.* Jager: “Form up boys 1 minute till jump. Too late to turn back now.” *As if an eternity had passed the jump master moved to his position and muttered one last time into his mic. Standing straight as an arrow he turned to the men saturated in the bright fluorescent green of the jump light. and fashioning a perfect knife with his hand moved to salute the men* Jumpmaster: “JUMP IS A GO, MOVE,MOVE, MOVE.” *One by one the men followed Jager as they jumped grown the safety supplied by the aircraft and into the night sky. The small red lights attached to their boots heel pierced thru the nights blur before being smothered by the a clouds ferocious haze.* Jager: “7,000. 6,000. 5,000. 4,000. TILL VALHALLA.” *Jager ripped with the force of an oxe on the cord and felt as his chute ripped him back and into the grip of the bleak sky. Upon looking up he watched as slowly the lights of his men would pierce the thick cloud and chutes soon deployed.” Jager: “Proceed to drop zone “figarosa” and dig in upon landing. We are to leave no trace of our entrance.” *Ground quickly approaching he would move to pull back on the guidelines of his chute causing it to flare. Only meters from the ground now he extended his legs and prepped of the landing. His boots pierced the wet ground and he quickly disconnected his chute and gathering it to dispose of. He stuffed it into a a rabbits den before covering with dirt. Now ready to move he pulled his rifle and set off to the rally point prepared once more to face the undead hordes he thought he had left behind only weeks ago.
  12. *Jager depresses the PTT button of his field radio* This is Crusader 1-1 of Raider team 3. Be advised all southern towns are to be treated with extreme caution of Russian threat. Grishino has been established as US, FOB; how copy. *Jager releases the PTT button*
  13. DATA LOG 3 Today’s date is February 1, 2019. It’s been a few days since the last log, an eventful few days to say the least. Ammo has been secured, at least enough to hold off invading forces for the short term. Those mass storage's of ammo that we were told about just so happened to really be sitting there down at the airfield, only thing is it was left for a reason. Most of that stuff is so old it's almost more dangerous to fire it then to just fight the enemy with knives. We ended up only being able to take about a quarter of it after hours of searching for still usable boxes of the stuff. I was however looking over some old maps of the area and noticed a small base named Kamensk. Intel shows that the site should be packed with everything a we could ever, only issue being its highly contaminated. I figured that it might be worth looking into if i could get a team with some chem gear together. I was listening to the radio this morning and came round a strange broadcast nonetheless, from what i gathered the French Foreign Legion is in town. Ain't seen those boys since Iraq, i figured i might go and try to talk with them. See what the heck dragged em down all this way.
  14. DATA LOG 2 Today's date is January 26 it's been 9 days since the last log now, i guess i just figured that these stupid little things might just give me something to do other then worry over my future. I mean who knows maybe someday when they finally pick me up these will be offly useful when they try writing a movie about me heck I can see the title now “Capt. Jager, the man who cheated death”. Maybe they could even get Liam Neeson to play me if he’s still alive. Well whatever the case may be I have a slight problem for the time being i guess you could say. These past days ammo has been in short supply and those damned Green Dragons or whatever they call themselves seem to be plenty aware of it. Lost 2 men yesterday on a scouting mission to Kabinino and had our resupply crew ambushed and nearly left for dead. They are lucky to be alive to say the least especially in this freezing weather. Had it not been for the good will of a hunter passing by they would have froze to death seeing as the scumbags stripped them of clothes. Capt. Yosef in typical Russian manner however seems to believe that we must simply launch a counter attack and with his plan for assault being only comparable to suicide This lack of ammo has really put a strain on my efforts to keep Grishino free and i fear i may soon be forced to abandon the town to regroup in a the forests nearby. Ammo counts as follows: 123 rounds of 5.56, 37 rounds of 7.62x54 , 42 rounds of 7.62x39. I'm planning one last expedition that as it seems will determine the fate of my town. One of Yosef’s men was telling me that when the Russians fled the airfield they had left hundreds of rounds of ammo seeing as they had run out of room for the rest of it. Whatever the reason it may be I just pray those reports are true, I won’t lost my town not after all I’ve done for it.
  15. DATA LOG 1 My name's Capt. Jager Muller of the 3rd Marine raider battalion, the dates January 17, 2019. I've been stuck here almost a year now and each day the thought of that evac heli I was promised becomes more and more of a joke. It just all went so wrong so fast. What was supposed to be a quick in and out rescue mission turned into the capturing of a town. Three failed mission latter and here I am stranded with no way out and still no clue of where Doc. Bright went. I've lost all my men to make things better most killed in combat, one from a poisoned bottle of water from some locals, and now Pvt. Shawny has gone crazy and fed himself to a horde of walkers claiming “we must become one with them”. Still here I wait still hoping that maybe somehow my transmission will find there way to the U.S. forces supposedly still out at sea and in the area. I’ve been busy since we got here nonetheless. We finally took Grishino, established a treaty with local Russian forces establishing the town as a neutral zone, heck i've even got pretty good at farming if i say so myself. Suppose there are worse places to be stranded after all the sunsets are pretty dang beautiful. I've decided to continue my investigation into the location of Doctor Bright, that damn madman, once again. I suppose he got me into this mess he has to have a solution. Wherever he may be i just want to know what makes him so important that the U.S. had sent a MARSOC battalion to bring him back after his plane went down. But as the higher ups always said, “your just here to pull the trigger when needed not ask questions”.
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