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  1. sehestedtxd

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    Why am i tagged? I havent build anything, i only worked for my friend @Camokid95 in the shop tho.
  2. sehestedtxd

    S1: Invalid Kill

    Okay with me ?
  3. sehestedtxd

    S1: Invalid Kill

    I didnt see you wave your arms either. I saw your weapon and shot.
  4. sehestedtxd

    S1: Invalid Kill

    POV: We were pulling out of novaya after a firefight with the saviours. As we got down the road by the apartments, i was told we were being shot at, i then located MrP4nda and shot him. As SquidProQuo said, i didnt know you had just logged in either, im very sorry for shooting you.. Allies: District & Green Dragons
  5. sehestedtxd

    Rest In Peace DatTurtle

    Rest in peace.. ?
  6. Any particular reason those weapons are not in? On other servers like public and private hives, they're quite common ? @Support
  7. Are glocks & winchesters in the game, cuz i havent seen a single since i was whitelisted ?
  8. Welcome to dayzrp ?
  9. Thanks guys, can't wait to see you ingame?
  10. Hey guys! I'm new around here, although not new to RP. I used to play on aftermath dayzrp & falcon dayzrp. I'm looking forward to meet some new people! ? I go by the name "Mike Wayne"
  11. It all began in the quiet streets of copenhagen ( denmark ), Mike Wayne was born the 25th of august 1985 into a poor family. Mike grew up as a lone child and was daily beaten by his father. At the age of 16 Mike moved out, to live on his own. During his time on his own, he fell in a bad crowd that led him on a criminal path, starting with shoplifting which eventually led to robbing gas stations. At his 34th birthday he decided to rob a bank which hopefully would set him up for life, but that was not the case. During the robbery, Mike failed to stop the manager from pushing the alarm button, which would bring the police within minutes. Panicked and afraid, Mike fled the scene. Now a wanted man for armed robbery, the chase began. In order for Mike Wayne to escape justice, he boarded a random ship.. but little did he know, it was headed for chernarus. A few weeks later, Mike awoke the the loud noise of gunfire, the ship was under attack and was going down. In a desperate attempt to survive, Mike jumped the ship and swam to shore. Cold and thirsty, a new story was about to unfold. Cold & thirsty on the shore, Mike walked to the nearest city, Solnichniy. Hearing strange groans from the villagers, Mike took refuge in a nearby house, hoping to find food and water. To Mike's surprise, a woman was in the cabin, already eating. She offered Mike food and took time the explain the current situation of Chernarus. Stunned by the news, Mike just wanted to get some sleep but only to wake up next day alone. Cold and alone in a new country, Mike took off into the woods, living off the land and scavenging towns from time to time. Weeks had gone by, Mike had not seen any survivors apart from walkers, in a desperate attempt to meet like minded survivors, he went north!
  12. Roland has lifted my blacklist, thank you for your time! ?
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