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  1. How did the war begin? I think it seems extremely random to most people. What I want to know is why did the Green Dragons get involved? I thought they were former mercs turned arms dealers who didn't do mercenary work anymore but they kind of just showed up out of nowhere and started doing merc work for the district. And all i've heard IC about the war is that it's going on because the saviors are cannibals and pedos. It just seems unrealistic to me, in a country that's been broken by civil war and an apocalyptic event you'd think people would be less likely to put their only life on the line over some nasty rumors. Did the Green Dragons joining actually have IC roleplay for why they want to return to mercenary work and kill the saviors? This is a bit of a shit show to someone looking in from the outside.
  2. I haven't tried building fences or gates inside of buildings yet but I tried putting a tent in a certain shed and there was some grass clipping through the ground and I couldn't place the tent but then I was able to place it in a different shed that was the exact same type but it didn't have glass clipping through it. I've had a lot of success barricading buildings by building the fence and gate outside of it, it takes a little more supplies but I think it looks good.
  3. You can already make some buildings your own I think the ground just needs to be flat
  4. takkles

    The Rise of Tortuga and the Fall of Kabinino (Open Frequency)

    *Ike quickly presses the PTT after hearing the leader of The Saviors voice* "Mr. Moody? I'd like to buy a house in Tortuga. What's the going rate?" *Ike releases the PTT*
  5. takkles

    Novaya is Free once more! (Open Frequency)

    *Bzzt* "A tip for your cold, make sure you don't drink out of the same canteen you drank from when you were sick especially once you get better. Drinking sodas is a good idea because you can dispose of the can. Obviously once you get better get rid of any contaminated canteens or bottles you got on ya and try not to let anybody cough in your face." *Static*
  6. takkles

    Novaya is Free once more! (Open Frequency)

    *Ike's voice pops back on to the frequency* I think i'd like to pay upfront, if I have enough that is. I'm in Tortuga right now if you'd like to discuss the details. *click*
  7. takkles

    Novaya is Free once more! (Open Frequency)

    *A deep but rather young sounding American voice pops on to the frequency* "Name's Ike Dunton and I heard about Tortuga or Novaya from some survivors out there. I didn't think there was any form of civilization left anymore out here. I've almost arrived in Novaya and I was hoping to buy a house and hopefully settle down here, become a citizen again.. I never thought I'd hear myself say something like that after the outbreak. Anyway I'll be dressed in an assault helmet with a visor and a big green backpack and a patrol jacket, I'll probably be carrying a big purple backpack as well. It's been a long journey and I've brought a decent amount of food and water with me as well as some seeds and lime and other things. *Ike takes a deep breath* I hope to hear from you soon. Also, are you Saviors and the people of Novaya all sick like many of the survivors I've ran into? Just wondering because I've just gotten better. *Ike chuckles* that's all for now.. I'm going to find somewhere to sleep."
  8. Former criminal and gang member looking to redeem himself and start or join a settlement in Chernarus, Ike Dunton has a strong sense of morality that he used to ignore given his profession. After seeing the state of the world after the apocalypse and the way people will do horrible things to survive or just to gain more resources Ike realized he had to do something to help humanity. With his new sense of purpose Ike decided the best thing he could do would be to find fellow survivors and form a town, a safe place free of zombies and bandits where humans can try to pick the pieces up and rebuild civilization. But first he has to crawl out of his basement. After all, he's exhausted all supplies and his friends never showed up. Ike was born to a Chernarussian father and mother however his mother immigrated to America with her parents as a baby as they sought their fortune in the land of opportunity. When she moved back to Chernarus with her parents as a young adult when the country was becoming more prosperous she met Ike's father who ended up abandoning them when Ike was an infant. Ike's mother sheltered him most of his childhood and early teens homeschooling him as she didn't trust Chernarus public schools and couldn't afford a private school. Because of her sheltering Ike developed an American accent much like her own. One day when Ike was 14 he noticed on odd piece of paper on his front door and realized it was an eviction notice, his mother couldn't pay the rent and her parents were out of money to send. Ike knew he had to do something so that night when his mother was sleeping Ike snuck out and looked for a way to make money on the streets of Berezino, his mother forbade him from leaving the house as she didn't trust the locals so made sure to be quiet while he closed the window behind him. After a couple hours wandering the streets of Berezino Ike noticed a shady deal going on near the fire station. A man was yelling at another in a thick Chernarussian accent asking him where his money was. Ike deduced that it was a loan shark dealing with an uncooperative customer. Upon sneaking closer to the scene Ike heard the customer tell the loan shark he wasn't going to pay and that's when Ike took the opportunity to pickpocket the customer's wallet, the loan shark noticed Ike but didn't say anything. Instead he simply said "That's fine if you don't pay, be on your way now." And the customer walked off. Ike handed the man the wallet and the man chuckled and said "good work kid. I think you're just the kind of helper I've been looking for." The man gave Ike a cut of the money and Ike slipped it into under his mother's door. Ike would go on to serve as the loanshark's helper and he would have Ike do other jobs for him. From pick pocketing to breaking and entering and when Ike got bigger he used him as a thug to make sure people paid or punish those who didn't. Ike knew he was doing the wrong thing but to him the ends justified the means, he needed to take care of his mother. When the outbreak started Ike's mother got very sick and he spent all of his time taking care of her. He turned their basement into a fortified bunker stocked with rations and took her down there but she ended up turning. He couldn't bring himself to kill his own mother even if she was now zombified so he locked her in the storage closet. After months of hearing his deceased mother banging on the door, the growling and moaning of the undead and gunshots coming from the town above one day things got a bit quieter. As Ike finished his last can of spaghetti he entered the combination to the lock on the cellar doors, said farewell to his mother and opened the doors for the first time in what felt like forever.
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