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  1. That is the kind of rp to put efort to in the end of the day and have some fun with strangers you have met online, thats why we all love dayz. Keep up the good vibe and see you guys next time. Everyone is unique and thats the best of all
  2. When i see the Joe's pov everything changed in my opinion. So i dont blame you for your actions ..the only thing was me and Joe wasnt actually a group so i didnt know what he was doing. Thats why i reported the situation but i understand it now and i didnt blame you guys, meet you in Chernarus. Have a good day ?
  3. I had a video at least i think that way when i was playing.. But when i exit the game i couldnt find it, something went wrong with the program. The part you seid that no one of us talked to you.. Is all a lie, i heard Joe talking with you for mosin bullets and he didnt reised his gun on you.. And i get shot before entering the building.. And then i seid to you if that is your friend.. And you in answer start shooting.. Then Joe opens fire on you and you esceped. (i get shoted by a guy hiding behind a truck not from the guy who was in the jail..and that happened before i enter the building) and i dont know if that is worth reporting but this must have been looked by someone above me and decide.. Becouse i dont want in the future me or someone else day get ruined. I am a trader and i was holdning backpack i hands. To shot at a guy who is not treating you with anything is ridiculous. And you wasnt sorry about all the situation. One of you told me if he ever see me causing problem(i didnt do anything) he will kill me. And then i needed to follow you becouse someone stol my the backpack i was carrying. That is not looking like a apologize.
  4. Server: US server 1 Time/date: 7/2/2019 17:40 somewhere Game name: Bjorn Thorson Allias: none Suspect: Alex Joseph Vehicles: none I dont have any photos or videos. Description: I saw a guy at the NWAF i didnt know him but we decided to run together to be more safe(his name was Joe..at least thats what he seid)...i saw him going in the camobuilding so i decide to follow ..on my wey there i saw a guy runing around with a gun out(i was carying a backpack in my hands) when he saw me looking at him he tryied to sneak closer and then from nothing just when i was trying to wave him he pointed a gun on me ...then i start screaming a guy is pointing a gun on me and i tryed to get in the building then i get shot two times ... when i entered there was a guy in the jail but he was ok with us i heard Joe asking him for mosin rounds before the other guy pointed a gun on me. then i asked the guy inside if that was his friend and he started shooting as well then i run on the second floor and Joe tryied to take him down..but the other guy escaped alive. then i saw two more guys coming to the building one of them use megaphone and start telling us to come out with hands up or we will be dead..when i asked why all that happend..he seid we pointed a gun first(thats not posible becouse when i entered the building shoted the guy in the jail was ok with us so Joe couldnt do anything and that was a lie. then the server get restared and i logged back in, when i tryied to speak with them they seid my friend is dead and my only one way to survive is to drop the weapon and step out with my hands up..so i did it and then they started robbing me and my stuff when i typed in the chat i was going to report them they decided to keep me alive and give me my stuff back. but Joe was already dead and half of my clothes were ruinded i get atacked for no reason while i was carying a backpack and thats a thing that could not hapend in rp server. I hope those gyes get what they deserved.
  5. Harald was born in Alesund, Noreway. He was reised by his father to live like a viking and folow the oldways. He have a brother and his name is Leif Skolden. We used to go camping and bow hunting animals with my dad and brother, by the years we learned to love the Gods and our land. When the apocalypse started me and Leif where lefted alone, all our familly died, they get killed by a bear while my mother was collecting mushrooms and my father firewood. So we started building a ship and see where the gods will take us. We arrived at the Chernarus coast on 25 July 2017 near Svetojarsk. Our ship sinked and we bearlly get there alive. When we saw the walkers, we started to think that is Ragnarok on Earth. Harald belive in old gods and he is on a mission to kill every walker made from the undeground evil and also makes everyone he see accept his opinion and get into Odinism. He will be evil with the christians and good with the people of the northern countries. Harald will make rituals with the victums and make them bellive in his opinion. Somethims use herbs to make their heads shaking and their minds not clear. But otherways he will be farming and hunting for his needs.
  6. Server: US server Time/date: 28.01.2019 between 19:00 and 20:00 server time Game name: Bjorn Thorson Allias: El Lobo Suspect: Dont know the name Vehicles: They steal ADA 4x4 after killing me. I dont have any photos or videos. Description: There were two guys in Zelenogorsk one of them wears all blue with m4 in hands and the other dont have much only police hat on and basic clothes. Me and my friend Lobo stopped near the police station in the tawn to loot around for building materials. When i saw the two guys i walk to them and seied hello without my gun in hands. They waved me and didnt sey a thing. I think they had no mic but not sure. Then sudenlly he killed me. My friend was around but when he went there they were leaving with the car and my gear. Really hoping for help and those dutchbags ruining the server get punished.
  7. Bjorn was born in the small Finland village called Kerava, when he was young Bjorn loved to go fishing with his granpa and he used to shot a lot with his air rifle. His father often toke him to camp in the forest and Bjorn loved the nature. In his childhood Bjorn doesnt have a lot of friends, Jukka was his best comrade. They were togerther at everything. Bjorn's parants died when he was at age of 13. And he was raised from his uncle named Jarno. He had no fammily becouse Jarno was always working on cars in the garage.He had only his friend Jukka. They even joined the military together. Bjorn was in the elite special forcec of Finland. A mecenery and spy for the goverment and his friend was always with him suporting his dreams. Bjorn used to hunt in his free time and had a lot of weapons in home before the apocalypse. Before he joined the special forcec Bjorn served as a sniper in the military. They were like a brothers even in the apocalypse. Jukka saved him when Bjorn was in comma after the helicopter crash in Chernarus. And one sad day the walkers take Jukka to the cold dirt forever. Bjorn changed, his hearth get cold. He get fearless and soulless. But he swore to Jukka before he die to survive the apocalypse whatever that take and live the life he lost.
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