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  1. I was assigned to lead my squad on search and destroy missions with a precedence on general recon. Authorized to use force when needed to contain further spread of the virus. I was disconnected from my command when power to communications was lost with the power grid. Now I find myself grinding to save myself and ones I care about from almost certain fate. As self preservation has fallen in my lap I reflect on a new set of goals as simple as survivalist and hope to employ my skillset to further the advancement of peaceful united non-infected. The Marine Corps unit I'm assigned is nicknamed the "Walking Dead". A name given to us years ago in the Vietnam war by NVA opposition who said we refused to died and kept returning to the glory of the battlefield. If my fate includes Death. Let it be on the wings of the Valkyrie. Shepherding all acomplishished warriors who fall in battle to the Halls of Valhalla.
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