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  1. Before the outbreak I was a single man that just retired from the United States Army. I was in the army for 18 years which allowed me to move up in the ranks. After retirement I stayed home, in the states, trying to find things to keep me busy, but that seemed to be harder than expected. After about a 2 years of this I met an individual that owned a company, which I cannot disclose what they do, that needed a contractor to handle some of the "rough" business that maybe needed to be done. I did small jobs here and there, nothing major, until he had a job for me and another associate in a town just north of Chernarus. The job included finding and interrogating a man that had done some wrong doing to my boss. It took months to get this done but we did. Upon completing the task at hand, me and my associate decided that we would travel south to check out some things in Chernarus that we heard might be worth the travels. Once we arrived there we noticed that some things were starting to become strange or people were starting to act out of character. After about a week there I personally saw my first human change into a zombie. Let me tell you, this shit is what you would see in TV shows and/or the movies. After that, all hell broke loose and people everywhere were affected. I lost my associate during one of our computes to help others and have not been able to find him since. My intentions now is to help any survivors that need or want my help and to also find and re-group with my associate, his alias is "Wolf". If there is anyone that may have seen him or heard of him, let me know.
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