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  1. Douglas Ryan, a Staff Sergeant of NATO special forces. Who was deployed to Chernarus during the bombings in July 2017 to provide security and aid evacuation. On July 19th his position was over ran by the infected resulting in his separation from his squad. To survive Staff Sergeant Ryan had to escape into the forest. Since that day he has been roaming Chernarus relying on his survival, combat training and the few friends he's made to stay alive. Douglas hasn't been able to find any surviving members of his squad and is presuming all of them to be KIA. He is a very understanding man, kind, honest and selfless. He trusts very few these days as many have stabbed him in the back many of times. If you cross him then you better know how to run, and run fast. He doesn't like those who take advantage of him or the other good people in Chernarus. Doug also grew up fixing and building cars/vehicles with his father so he has a great knowledge of vehicles and the skill to fix many things. But it is becoming more tasking to do so with working parts becoming more scarce.
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