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  1. Daniel Marinov (23) is a former teacher at Porto's University in Portugal. His childhood was really happy he had everything, his mother made quite a bit of money and she always supported him no matter what. The only thing he always loved to do besides studying maths was running, he ran for the track team for 5 years and even when he got to university he ran 3 maratons. When he finished university his mother helped him survive since he wasnt getting much money as a teacher. Sadly, his mother died of cancer and he didnt have anyone to help him in Portugal. Daniel's father, who hadn't been married to Daniel's mother for 12 years, decided he wanted to help his son. Daniel had to move to Chernarus where his father had been living for over 6 years, when he moved he discovered he had a sister, a little sister, called Andrea. The two siblings actually got along pretty well despite being from different mothers. When the outbreak happened Березино (Berezino) went into lockdown and their father was shot for not respecting the lockdown. When Daniel told Andrea what had happened to their father, she was scared that it could happen to her so she ran away. Now all alone, Daniel is searching for Andrea hopeful that she hasn't left Chernarus and he will do anything to find her.
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