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  1. When you and the boys find a slick new ride


  2. When I was 16 my pops said he was runnin' to Safeway to get some smokes and he'd be back in 20 minutes. 8 years later, here I am thinkin about how long that line must be. Poor guy


  3. *Boonie would toss his cigarette and hold the PTT* "You sound familiar feller.. that you Grayson? Anyhow I done headed back to the checkpoint and camped out there for a bit. Met with a feller named Blake and a woman he called Fae, er somethin' I believe. They done told me I could hang out there for a bit but when I woke up, a feller kicked me outta there.. didn't grab his name. No hard feelin's though, everyone's on edge 'round here." *He'd light up another smoke before continuing* "I spoke with a few of yer men, as well as let Lorcan know about this doctor feller. Any help y'all need just let me know. I been lookin' for a group to hang my hat with since I got back to Chernarus and found out District ain't around no more.. I've always been one to root for a governmental force tryin' to bring order back to the chaos, so you fellers are doin' it right!" *A brief pause would follow his words before he spoke once more* "As for anyone who finds this Doctor Allen feller before I can, I'd trade you anything you want to be the one who gets the honor of puttin' that dumb fucker down. You name yer price and I'll pay it. Boonie.. Over and out." *He'd release his PTT, then proceed along his way*
  4. *Boonie would finally find his radio. He'd catch his breath before pressing the PTT, a serious tone in his stressed voice* "Hey, Anarchy fellers and Lycan..Lorkin..Lurkan, apologies I can't remember yer name right now feller.." *He'd let out a sigh, once more catching his breath before continuing* "It's Boonie, we just met a couple hours back. You also met a doctor feller who called himself 'Allen.' Well this doctor guy and his Runner gal-pal just held me up and gave me a good whoopin' after you sent the two their way, Mr. Lorkin. He done told me to tell you and the Anarchy fellers that he was gunnin' for ya and he was gonna go hang out with his Runner pals to set themselves a plan of attack on y'all." *He'd sigh once more, wiping the blood from his eye and cheek before pressing the PTT once more* "I'm headin' back to the checkpoint to see if any of y'all are there I can inform. I'm sure y'all ain't too worried about this ambushing coward, but one thing's for certain, he ain't made no friend outta me today. If I see him again before talkin' to any of y'all I'll be sure to take care of this pest for ya. Just givin' y'all the heads up about this Doctor Allen feller that thinks he's all high and mighty above the law y'all done put in place... Boonie over and out." *He'd release the PTT for now, lighting a cigarette and walking his way toward the checkpoint*
  5. Hey all! I've been gone for around 8 months, decided to come back and give DayZ another whirl since I've got a bit more time now! I went through all the steps on the information guide, along with downloading all the steam workshop files in the DayZRP pack, but I come across this issue when I try to log in. I've scoured the forums a bit looking for any other files that may have been added but I can't seem to find any information on this, nor any updates on the "How to Join" page in the information thread. I'm anxious to get back into some RP and play with y'all again. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Whoever was playing 'Red' in Kab today, your character is literally my new favorite.. Right behind Awimba of course (for safety reasons.) Thanks for the laughs dude! P.S. - You sure did give it to her real nice, brother.
  7. *Boonie would let out an amused chuckle as he held his PTT* "You and yer King Arthur friend're gonna regret this message, boy. Wonder how yer insides'll look scattered across the ground. Yer little alliance with those dumbass Saviors ain't gonna get ya nothin' but an early grave, bucko.. but you already done dug yer holes." *He'd release the PTT, letting out another chuckle*
  8. As the character's owner who was perma-scarred by the previously "executed" character mere 2(ish) hours after his death (in the same town where said character was 'executed')... I agree that it is a bit silly but it was that person's decision. Said roleplay of my perma-scar wasn't really all that great but I agreed to it, just like he chose -not- to agree to a PK. It's ultimately going to be a bit difficult to RP around, however there should be absolutely no rules regarding forced PK's, but people should be more open to it, especially if you're practically begging to be executed on the radio and whatnot. Though I feel the NLR could use a tweak to extend the amount of time you need to wait to return to your point of death.
  9. *Boonie sits on the floor, surrounded by the belongings of the freaks who "branded" him a mere hour ago. He reaches for his radio, a smug smile plastered on his face, before speaking, sounding quite amused with himself and his brothers.* "Oh Clay, you poor excuse for a "leader." Takin' an innocent man hostage just to brand him for no good reason other than to stroke your own ego. You don't come through Kabanino thinkin' you own the place, buddy, I hope you know that now as you freeze out there, wherever you been "reborn" this time. Yer men lay dead in our wake because you don't know when to give it up." *He'd give a bit of a chuckle, followed by a grimace of slight pain caused by the carving of satanic mumbo jumbo on his arm.* "You make an enemy out of us, we make an example out of you, demon-boy. Yer gonna choke on your own princess balls next time I see ya and this time we'll make sure you stay dead, you got my word." *Laughter and songs of merriment funnel through from the background as Boonie would laugh with his brothers before returning to his radio.* "Oh, and King Arthur, er Saj.. er whatever the fuck your girly ass is goin' by.. yer on my fuckin' list too now, you little English prick. I was a nice guy to ya 'fore you gone and pulled this shit.. now I'm gonna tie you to a tree with yer own guts and let the wolves get ya. Good luck survivin' the hell that's 'bout to be thrown yer way, gentlemen."
  10. Also get ads for Lightsabers and Fortnite. Send help.
  11. Then I should probably confront my wife about what she's been looking for.
  12. Bahaha yeah the face is the icing on the cake! ?
  13. The bones of good ole Willy ?
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