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  1. Cam is a professionally licensed land surveyor who worked for a Texas based oil and gas company called Lipo Energy. He is 28 years old with no spouse or children. He decided since he has no immediate family ties that he could take a job abroad. He arrived in Chernarus 3 months before the outbreak. He was tasked with using topographic data to maintain and find new drill site locations for natural gas extraction. He is fairly familiar with the layout of Chernarus due to his occupation. Using his knowledge of the layout of the land and his knowledge of firearms from his life in Texas… He feels he is ready for the challenge to survive.
  2. Hey everyone. My name is Cam, I'm 28 years old and I'm new to the community but not the RP type game play. I'm looking forward to connection with members of the community and cant wait to get playing.
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