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  1. Fun pic - Texas. Work pic - Texas State Capitol
  2. NinjaCam

    New Management

    *Scot pushes the PTT while walking away from the castle* Like I said... you don't seem like the management type. This wont last long. See you real soon. *he releases the PTT laughing at the fact that the new "Manager" didn't notice all the other Revenants sleeping in one of the towers*
  3. My final post as well: Weird... NONE of your friends mentioned that it was their base at all during the hour or so of the fight night event leading up to the initiation. Also - in J Saul's post above - your character at the time was not on the group's roster so you had no kill rights.
  4. I am a friendly and was also killed. Detailed description of the events: I was one of the 3 or 4 guys on top of the tower during the gunfight. We were at least 10 or so minutes into the gun fight and had guys downstairs watching the entrance and stairs up the castle. If you notice - the guy who killed me is standing behind a half wall that is pinned in the corner of the tower. The stairs to the top are on the other side of that wall. He logged in in that corner area and gunned us down. Also - Not sure if he logged in for the first time or ghosted using event server. Worth looking into. POV:
  5. Scot was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987. He grew up rather independent and with little to no help from his parents. He had a younger brother of 2 years named Alan he took under his wing. Scot was in and out of trouble growing up through his school years but he always kept Alan in line and made sure he did well in school. After high school he felt he needed some direction in life and some stability so he joined the marines. Basic training was an eye opener for him and for once he couldn't do what he wanted to do. After basic training he was deployed to Afghanistan for Operation Enduring Freedom. War ignited a side of him he didn't know existed. He finally felt that he had a purpose in life and kicking down doors and killing terrorist brought him much satisfaction. After 4 years he re-enlisted and was redeployed to Afghanistan. About 2 years into his second deployment he messed up. He made some bad choices during a fire fight that resulted in innocent civilians being killed. He dishonorably discharged and kicked out of the marines. He had hit rock bottom and with his record he knew he would not be able to get a good job. During this time his younger brother Alan was getting out of the Air Force. He was in intelligence so Scot had to make up his mind... he decided for the first time in his life to get Alan involved with his bad life choices. He saw an opportunity to make a lot of money with both of their backgrounds. He had Alan use his brain and tech skills to help him rob banks. They made a lot of money and were very successful. This brought them unwanted attention by the FBI and eventually they were forced to flee America and explore new territory. They heard about a man named Artur who was the head of a criminal organization who was looking to rob a bank. They met him in 2010 in Poland. After a while Scot and Alan earned his trust and he began planning with them for the bank robbery. They robbed a bank in Warsaw, Poland. They had to flee east to Russia to lay low and make some extra money. Scot eventually found himself with this group of criminals in the middle of of a Civil war near the border of Russia and Chernarus. This didn't phase him because of his past history in combat... It was his skill and combat that would keep him alive when all Hell broke loose and people (if you could call them that) started eating other people. It was about survival now... and Scot was not about to let this split Alan and himself.
  6. NinjaCam

    Savior's Media Thread

  7. Cam is a professionally licensed land surveyor who worked for a Texas based oil and gas company called Lipo Energy. He is 28 years old with no spouse or children. He decided since he has no immediate family ties that he could take a job abroad. He arrived in Chernarus 3 months before the outbreak. He was tasked with using topographic data to maintain and find new drill site locations for natural gas extraction. He is fairly familiar with the layout of Chernarus due to his occupation. Using his knowledge of the layout of the land and his knowledge of firearms from his life in Texas… He feels he is ready for the challenge to survive.
  8. Hey everyone. My name is Cam, I'm 28 years old and I'm new to the community but not the RP type game play. I'm looking forward to connection with members of the community and cant wait to get playing.
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