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"When war is declared, Truth is the first causality!"

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  1. Man I'm sorry if you don't believe me, There is more then enough time from when you guys engaged me from when I shot him, the time log only shows the Hits not your total shots fired. Believe me it does seem very convenient but its the truth man. I'm not some typical RP/PVP douche bag. If what happened is true As i said I'm sorry, Unlike other people I know I don't wanna start some OOC hate war, Ive seen how that goes and its ruining in-game RP.
  2. "They better not be with you, this is bullshit" or "thats bullshit" one of the those cant remember"
  3. If that's the case them I'm sorry! from my perspective through the bush I thought he drew his M4. Do you guys have video evidence that he was on his knees?
  4. This story is pretty much accurate, When he was talking to me with his hands up he never talked into the radio and the radio wasn't in his hands, he was using discord or what ever 3rd party software to meta-game where I was considering his friends were atleast 700m away, I was engaged so i ran behind a bush for visual cover. Through the bushs it seemed that he drew his gun so I engaged him killing him. Killing him as he mentioned.
  5. Richards173

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    This isn't legitimate feedback Sylva your Mad at Keeper for not wanting to RP and in response you are trying to get pay back on Us by trying to Permanently Kill our Characters. This isn't feedback this is flaming
  6. Richards173

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    You can't report this for NVFL rule. U.N personal go under "Conduct After Capture Training" They're only permitted to give the following, (Name, Rank, Service Number, Religious and Blood type) and if they don't want to give up information then that's their protocol. You as a U.S National Guard with a combat tour should know this, you killing him right off the hop just makes you look like an asshole. Just because you are mad that the UN wasn't going to be your puppet doesn't mean you can tell people to kill off their character. So quit flaming the UN page, Report on the Complaint page and grow up. Thank you. Stop posting "Non-Related UN feed back here and quit the flaming" Last warning man.
  7. *Hello sir, I unfortunately don't know your voice, I'm sorry that we have offending you and your beliefs, believe me that's not my intent, To address your comment, The United Nations was a neutral force and was openedly attacked by the Green Dragons, The District, and the Pamyati, I don't wish for hostilities with you and I recommend that you stay clear of them for your safety they cannot be trusted, believe we tried to trust them, in return they kill our personal and spread rumors. I wish you safety in your travels.* *Dasverdanya my friend, be safe out there its a unforgiving environment*
  8. "Your Welcome Slawoj Szechenyi, You broke the deal when you brought hostile allies to a peaceful event, murdering my men and kill our commanding officer."
  9. *Takes a deep breath while the Medical teams work on his remaining wounds* *Pushs PTT Button* *The message is conveyed in a passionate and firm voice* This is Lt. R. Watson of the U.N 2nd Response Team. I believe in this mission to my very heart and soul, We started off great, helping people with their everyday lives, either it being providing fresh food, water, medicine what have you. We were making good progress actually helping people, We didn't care about ethnicity, race, religion etc.. The world is tearing itself apart and I don't know why to some people putting a little back together is such a bad thing. We tried our best to fix a situation that had ended badly. We had Chernarussian Police Officers come talk to us and have a chat learn from one another and have a friendly laugh. The District Led by Ryan Shepard, The Green Dragons led by Brandon Young, and the Pamyati led by Slawoj Szechenyi, These Factions came to the checkpoint demanding the police officers lives in exchange for Ours, The United Nations Stood their ground defended those who can't always defend them selves. I and a few others were injured and the rest "Lest We Forget" Died for a cause that was bigger then themselves. Later that week the Green Dragons engaged one of our patrols and tried to rob them of Rations and meds for innocent. My brothers in arms defended them selves and were slaughtered in self defense against over whelming numbers. We tried to make peace, have a scenario where we all came out with something to benefit from. They said that they would be able to listen to our counter offer and agreed to do it in peace with no hostilities. They came to talk once again and our commanding officer "God rest his soul" sacrificed himself to try and save his men. He was my friend and brother in arms. And in return one of his allies, A member of the District Awimba Muncho gets behind one of my men and cuts him down and murders him in cold blood, I rush to save him but I get shot in the back and go unconscious luckily my plate carrier saved my life. I wake up and just barely make it out with my life, luckily a good friend and well trained doctor found me and saved my life. You may spread rumors, you may kill our men, but you'll never overcome the power of good lawful people. We never wanted this Conflict, we tried to work things out peaceful but demanding me to hand over command to the Russian's that's not happening, This mission was given to the Canadian Government by the UN, We have the support from 112 other countries. WE WILL see this through, The Rules of Engagement have changed. you are criminals and terrorists nothing more. *Releases PTT Button*
  10. Yeah man it was! Also for overwatch you were in a pretty good spot not gonna lie.
  11. Although I'm new to the whole RP i must say the encounter I've had today as placed in my top 3 and may never be beaten! Never Thought I'd have such a Intense diplomatic experience. Thanks to @Sylva @TIMELAPSE @BreadERP @ShroomedWars @deserteagles72 and the rest of the boys of the names I could gather. Thanks for the great RP and I'll see you in the apocalypse.
  12. * Pushs PTT Button* * To answer you question concerning citizen, yes we want to help the people of Chernarus. Yes we understand your concern. Our Food comes from donated supplies from the remaining civilization from kind people who only wish for people to live as they do, In a peaceful society. Everything else we receive from local hunters and farmers who trade for other goods such as Books, Clean Clothes, Running water and hot Showers. I understand what the U.N Did years ago was wrong and they the old U.N Security Council went about it the wrong way. We are not asking for forgiveness just a second chance to prove that we do mean good. * * Hears multiple people having friendly conversations and laughing over jokes during the broadcast * * Releases PTT Button *
  13. Pre-Outbreak Chris joined the Royal Canadian Air Force, where he received training in both planes and helicopters. During this career he served in a unit alongside Barry Burton, who he became good friends with. Chris held strong convictions which put him at odds with his senior officers, and he either resigned in protest or was discharged for insubordination. During this period Chris also trained to use a variety of weapons including knives and was known for his hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship of which he won a contest for. Post-Outbreak Following his Air Force retirement, Chris was scouted in 2006 by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, a special law enforcement organization in Canada. He accepted the invitation and was given the position of point man for Alpha Team. In the Fall of 2016 Edmonton was haunted by a series of cannibalistic murders and animal attacks on hikers and residents living near the Forest. The RCMP suspected the attacks were perpetrated by a satanic cult who would consume massive quantities of narcotics in order to carry out the gruesome attacks on men, women, and children as a sacrifice, which included violent facial mutilations and torsos ripped open, excavated of contents. Police progress went as far as establishing the Rocky Mountains to the Southwest of the city as a likely base of the cult's operations, but could not identify any suspects. After two months of little progress and a death list increasing, the RCMP gave in to public pressure and put S.I.T on the case. On 23 July, the RCMP Special Investigation Team traveled into the mountains to verify the existence of the suspected hideout, but was downed during a storm and radio contact was lost. The following night, the S.I.T was sent out into the same area to investigate the loss of contact. There they discovered the corpse of its pilot, Kevin Baker, and were soon after attacked by a pack of dogs who managed to kill Josh Foster. Taken entirely by surprise, S.I.T were unable to put up an effective fight and were forced to run into a forest when their pilot, Bradley Dawson, took off without team. After The Fled For Hours in the woods they got hit by some crazy cannibals. After Fighting off the horde of Cannibals they we're Evacuated by the Canadian Rangers and Brought back to police HQ for a special investigation. The prime minster of Canada was there with the Chief of Defense Staff and was briefed on the Chernarus Outbreak. They believe that the origins of these Cannibals came from there. In the New Year Chris and is tasked with the Canadian Medical Assistance Team with his cousins to find out how this outbreak started and how we can Cure it.
  14. *Push's down on the PTT button on the U.N Open Net* "Hello people of Chernarus this is Cpl. R. Watson of the United Nations 2nd Response Unit! This Broadcast message is on weekly repeat. If you require U.N assistance, humanitarian aid, or need to speak with us please respond back on this frequency. We monitor this Frequency every hour on the hour from 08:00 from 22:00 (Pacific Standard Time). We wish you all safe travels and encounters during your daily routines. Cpl. R. Watson OUT!" *Releases PTT button, turns radio off and put in backpack*
  15. Richards173

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Never mind my last message. I wasnt informed of that broadcast!
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