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  1. He was a young child when he saw his mother be killed by the Sinaloa Cartel. She was killed because of the father he was declining a patient who was a cartel hitter. The cartel came to the house and took his father and killed his mother. The father was now the personal medic of the cartel because he was so good. He made a good living and could afford a good college for Juanita. Mother of Juanita thought that he was gonna be a girl and wrote the name before then they saw he wasn't a girl and well kept the name. He grew up and became a good doctor he would once in a while help the cartel for he still had ties with them and his father would need help because he was getting old.
  2. First of "Soi get on the server and meet up with my guys while they see some sketchy looking characters who they assume are your friends in the field next to VMC" what you assume its my friends I didn't mention or hint of anybody coming and you took me in green mountain you wouldn't know if I had associates or anything. Second ", :i was suspicious you may be one of the guys as we had not seen anyone else in the area and 20 seconds after i started talking to you-you decide to pull out your pistol, so i initiate" You had fully automatic weapons both of you and I had a suppressed pistol in my hand hmmm ok. Third " immediately you begin insulting us calling us pussies and the like, i tell you to stop talking shit and be more respectful or i would "have to blow your brains out" " I never began saying anything I stayed quiet most of the time since my headphones were dying a d i couldn't hear anything then you started talking shit and if I was "DISCUSSING WITH YOU" I had a monotone voice I rped when you hit me and stuff but I had no intention of dying there. If I did talk shit Im pretty sure I was discussing the fact if you were a man for having a gun to my head and I guess your low temper and self-conscious about it got to your head get rid of your testosterone. The fact is you wouldn't know if it was my friends or anything like that for christ sakes they were wearing different armbands than what I was wearing. You had no reason or suspicion of them being with me meaning no reason for you taking me. Just awful RP and stupid chain of events. @Shroud
  3. Server and location: S1 Vyro Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2/18/19 11 pm PST Your in game name: Bruce Bigge Names of allies involved: @PapaMeme @twig @i am Bambi Name of suspect/s: will show in logs Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: Started with me getting kidnapped in green mountain they take my shit and carve my arm. Maybe 40 min pass my Affiliated Official Group finds them after I let my group know IG what they look like. Then Firefight happens I stay alive because I came to late to the firefight because I had no weapons then I pass by some random two guys and I knew it was the people that robbed me and then my headphones died I told them OOC in //chat. Then they just run up to me tell me put my hands up their excuse was O had my pistol out even tho they had their ak's out then they proceed to tell me to drop my shit. Then one guy tells me that he recognizes my voice even tho I changed the way I spoke under my mask and then his teammate who wasn't involved in any kidnapping with no kill or defensive right just kills me he says " see you in heaven" Sprays my head with AK.
  4. Bruce Bigge in his mid-30s was a nice man he had his wife and his small son named Antonio. He was in the Marines but later took part in a special program named TEAM RED which was a special recon program which was funded by the president himself. His job was to get information and he could do whatever he needed to do in order to get the information. Near the Cheranus outbreak, they sent him and two other to get information from a man named Sir Isaac Allen. Who was in a lab under his house in Romania. When Bruce went with his team to extract this man they found something chained up to a pole it was a woman but she didn't look normal. We beat Allen half to death and then he started saying that this woman who was chained up was his wife and that she died in a car accident and he wanted to bring her back. He said that his wife was not the only person he did this too he said he started some sort of disease that was not normal. Bruce immediately shot Allen in the head and called his higher up and then that when he got his bad news. His wife was hit by the disease and so was half the population of the US. He lost it. He didn't care about anything now. He was heartless and in a pool of depression. Now a few months have passed and suicide was in his mind his partners were bitten and he is stuck in his motel in Romania when he grabbed his gear and moved north East towards Ukraine. This is where he used to go with his wife to visit his parents who died in a car crash 6 years ago. They were buried in Lychakiv Cemetery. When he saw a group of people on horses which reminded him of his son who loved horseback riding. Then the leader of the group told him if he seeks guidance and safety and Bruce said yes so he hopped on the man's horse and joined the group of survivors. It was a good amount, they were being pinched into Russian by the hordes of zombies. Only four of them made it to a farm where they planned to call home. They started looking for axes and cutting down trees in order to build a gate and some walls to feel somewhat protected. Few months pass by they are surviving off of beans and bacon. They picked up a new survivor who they saw walking on a near field who told them about some savage scavengers who shot at him. So we kept our guard up on the 6th month and we had to keep our bacon and water in stock because we gained more people. Then off in the distance, we hear a honk and we see a big semi truck and they rammed our gate and got in they started throwing these homemade bombs. We killed a few of them but they had about 30 people with heavy armor and scary masks. The scavengers took our home they took our food they took our hope of survival. They got what they had and headed to the black mountains. they were surviving off of berries and apples and venison if they caught deer which was rare. It was cold you could spit and it would freeze. Some of the members we had could survive. One of the founding fathers of the group passed away. He didn't get enough food he was in a vegetative state. So we had to put him out of his misery and kill him. After the hard horse rides and walks we made it to a place called the devil's castle. It was pretty nice especially when the ice melted we could enjoy some sunlight and we could remember those who were lost on the journey that got us here.
  5. He was a sniper in the marines until he was sent home because his commanders noticed that he enjoyed killing people. He was then sent to Chernarus because he sold American secrets to the Russians for a quick buck he didn't want to do it but who can deny 10 million dollars for sending a file about some project about some sort of infection. The marines then deployed him by himself to this Island and he is now just trying to get back to his wife who is his cousin. He now is killing zombies that he saw in the file that he sold to the Russians and he distrusts Russians and he loves America and Americans.
  6. Every time I try to join the server it says this I did research searched it on Reddit and youtube and steam community and I could not find a solution that would work.
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