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    The Return of the Alley Cats (Standalone) - Ruru Media Thread

    Who is Marshall?
  2. Haha, I guess me and you shall be competing for a spot on the whitelist. However, should both of us join the game, I would look forward to meeting you.
  3. Well, I really want to play this game, but I watched a lot of YouTube videos and saw that players are hostile and aren't much for chit-chat... Eventually, I came across ImmortalHD's videos and they lead me to this server. I can't believe I found a server full of friendly people who will actually talk to you in roll-play! I like to play in G-mod roll-play, but random death matches really take the fun out of things. So I want to try this game... To join the server I guess I have to donate... I'm also lucky that I just happen to be 16, 17 in 6 months, and meet the age requirements. I must inform you that I have a higher pitched voice because I'm female... I'm either buying the game this weekend, or getting it in 20 days on Christmas, I just want to go on this server first so I'll get a good first experience with the game! So that I don't forget the website, I'll make it an icon on my desktop. Now, for my roll-play character, I want to make one closer to my personality so I don't mess up. How about... Jessie M. Manic, M. stands for Marilyn, but it also looks like an abbreviation of my username! Er... Jessie shall be... an Art Student who lived near the infected area attending college, but when things went bad, she locked herself up in her bedroom with as many supplies she could ransack from the store... however, she soon ran out of her depression medication. As the infection spread, the screams intensified outside her house as remaining survivors where killed by the undead. She slowly lost her mind from the horrible noises just outside her bedroom. Jessie decided she couldn't take it anymore and packed all her remaining supplies into her school backpack while dressing in the most durable clothes she could find. She then readied herself for whatever horrors lay beyond the safety of her residence as she planned her walk to the coast. Traits: -pessimistic -timid -prone to extreme mood swings -cautious -loyal -conservative -Extreme depression -Would rather run than fight -bad driver -friendly -polite to strangers